You Can Now Get a Lisa Frank Debit Card, So Good Luck Hanging on to All Your Money

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The ’90s are officially BACK, people. Yes, I know stores have been selling high-waisted jeans, plaid shirts, and even those weird black chokers we used to wear for a year or two now. I mean, even those Steve Madden wedges we were obsessed with have made a comeback.

But I still wasn’t convinced the ’90s were alive and well again until I started seeing Lisa Frank EVERYTHING pop up.

Seriously — you can now get adult-sized Lisa Frank pajamas:

Image Source: Target
Image Source: Target

And these super-comfy Lisa Frank leggings:

Image Source: Rage On

And a Lisa Frank adult coloring book:

Image Source: Amazon

And now, you can go one step further … and buy your Lisa Frank PJs, your Lisa Frank leggings, and your Lisa Frank coloring book, all with your very own LISA FRANK DEBIT CARD.

Instagram user @britttt.x0 uploaded a photo of hers earlier this month, which was then regrammed by Lisa Frank herself just yesterday — and the Internet promptly freaked out. The excitement is no big surprise, though. I mean, Lisa Frank was virtually revered by elementary and middle school girls everywhere back in the ’90s, who were often decked out from head to toe in Frank’s trademark neon designs. If you didn’t have at least a Lisa Frank folder or two, you basically weren’t of this earth.

But did you ever think — way back in 4th grade when you were doodling hearts in your Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper and playing epic games of M.A.S.H. — that you would one day grow up to be a full-blown adult who could pay for things on your own with such a STYLIN’ debit card? I’m pretty sure debit cards didn’t even exist when I was in 4th grade. (Which is now making me feel embarrassingly old, but I digress.)

The cards are available via Card.com, and while they aren’t exactly like your regular bank debit card (in that they pull funds from your bank account), they’re still pretty cool: They’re pre-paid debit cards you can fill in advance and gift to yourself the Lisa Frank lover in your life. You can even sign up for direct deposit, which will allow you to take out money up to two days in advance. And here’s another bonus: There aren’t any overdraft or ATM fees. WOOT.

I don’t know about you, but that all sounds prettyyy sweet to me.

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