6 Women Show Up for a Date with the Same Guy, Then Ditch Him to Have Their Own Good Time

It’s kind of amazing just how many weird scenarios people encounter while online dating these days. Case in point: If you were going to meet up with a random dude for a drink, would it occur to you that he had not one, not two… but FIVE other girls waiting in the wings for a date that very same night?

It sounds like something out of a movie, but Lisette Pylant, an office manager in Washington, D.C., literally had this happen to her just last week — and subsequently tweeted a blow-by-blow account of the entire situation, once she discovered what her date was up to.

In the epic thread, which has since received 19K likes and over 7K retweets, Lisette first sets the stage for how she met her date, writing: “Thread alert: so I go on what I think might be a date with a guy my friends set me up [with] on my birthday (yes it’s a bit hazy).”

But as her story continues, Lisette explains that one of her friends (who had been trying with no avail to get her to stop texting her ex) actually worked at the bar where she was supposed to meet her date. Before she arrived, her friend tried to issue a last-minute warning that at least from what she could tell, he kinda … well, sucked.

But Lisette decided to stick it out and show up anyway. And that’s when the unthinkable happened …

Forty-five minutes later, another woman walked into the bar — who was apparently scheduled to have a date with this dude, too. (#$?%!)

And being the true gentleman that he was (my sarcasm is coming on THICK here, people), Lisette’s date actually asked her to pretend that she was just his “friend,” in order to smooth things over with Woman #2 and not reveal that he double-booked.


“I decide to play the friend in order to help the girl feel less awkward until he exits for a moment, and then I tell her what’s up,” Lisette tweeted.

Okay, nice — clearly she has a real heart, and was just looking to save the poor woman some embarrassment. But brace yourself, because the story gets even more ridiculous as the night goes on …

“Then the third girl shows up. We’ll call her Riley,” Lisette continued. (YES, REALLY — A THIRD GIRL.) “The guy leaves again and Riley, Katie and I team up and decide to JT must die this sit.”

lisette pylant
Image Source: Lisette Pylant

Yep — the newly-bonded trio decided to ditch this dude for good, and left to go get drinks at another bar instead. TAKE THAT, NAMELESS TINDER GUY!

But if it seems like that’s where the story should end … don’t hold your breath just yet.

Enter girl number FOUR, who at this point had just showed up at the first bar after the three girls had departed. (We know this because Lisette’s friend who works at the bar — remember her? — updated her via text.)

But Lisette was not. having. it.

“Bartender texted us to tell us homeboy is on another date so I sent my friend to retrieve his 8 p.m. date,” she tweeted. “I’m stealing his dates and making them my friends and I’M SO HERE FOR IT.”


Once the fourth date caught wind of the whole situation, she met up with Dates 1-3 at the next bar. But see, that’s when the other shoe dropped. And if you read the headline of this article closely, I think you know what I’m about to say here.

Yep, turns out there was a FIFTH DATE who arrived, shortly after the fourth. (I mean, how does this happen?!)

Thankfully, the Date #4 tipped her off before she even had to greet the guy who orchestrated this whole insanity.

“Can someone bring us a rose?” Lisette jokingly tweeted once all six girls were happily pounding back drinks at the other bar. Clearly, they were suddenly feeling stuck in some kind of bad episode of The Bachelor.

Needless to say, Twitter pretty much LOST IT over this entire story — and not those who are dealing with their own hellish online dating stories.

“Married with 3 teenagers, I needed this!” tweeted one.

“Reading this thread alone was worth the hassle of joining Twitter and staying for more than two years,” said another.

Still, there were plenty of Twitter users who wanted to hear more: “Which one of you is writing the book?” tweeted one user. “Because this NEEDS to be a book. Then a movie. Seriously.”

Truth really is stranger than fiction — so why couldn’t this be a plot for a new rom-com? In fact, one Twitter user said it best when he went so far as to quote Mark Twain: “The difference between truth and fiction is that fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities.”


h/t: Daily Mail

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