Little Girl Gives Awe-Inspiring Performance of “Let It Go” — in Sign Language

Frozen enthusiasts, gather ’round, as we found hands-down the best rendition of “Let It Go” we’ve seen as of late.

In a video shared on the Sign Out Loud Facebook page, an adorable blonde girl named Lily taught herself how to perform the entire song through sign language — a feat that we’re sure was not easily achieved. Donning a sparkly blue dress and braid that Queen Elsa herself would be proud of, Lily proves that you don’t need a singing voice to blow away an audience.

Like any other child listening to the famed Disney ballad, Lily displays as much excitement and energy as she goes through the signs that you’d think she was actually belting them out. The talented little girl taught herself to perform the song after seeing two women’s Makaton sign performance on YouTube.

The video, posted on December 9th, quickly went viral, with over 637K views, 11K shares, and 1.3K comments praising her incredible performance.

“Beautifully done. So graceful! Did a great job! Such emotion! Would watch again and again!” writes Karda Crise.

“Wow, beautiful and very heartfelt. What a talented young lady,” comments Claire Thompson.

“What a beautiful little treasure!!! Her joy is infectious,” praises Katie Love.

We’d have to agree. Oh, and our favorite part? Her fabulous, dramatic, Snow Queen-like exit at the end. It doesn’t get more magical than this.

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