These “Lazy Mom Life Hacks” Will Get You Through Summer (or at Least Keep You Laughing)

2017 has sure been a year of epic parenting hacks, amiright? There was the mom who turned her shower caddy into a baby bottle rack, the mom who transformed her diaper wipes box into the ultimate diaper bag solution, and even a dad even invented an alternate use for his baby’s diapers — as a way to prevent your burrito from leaking. (Clever and hilarious.)

But this week, Liz Meli-Wischman is here to totally crush the parenting game with a few new hacks of her own. In a video shared on Facebook June 26, Meli-Wischman zips through not one, not two, but seven “lazy mom life hacks” she invented all by herself. And each one is more hilarious than the next.

Among Meli-Wischman’s genius tips is a clever trick for sleeping in with kids — yes, that’s right, as in not being awoken at 5 AM by toddlers prying your eyelids open. The solution, she says, is simple: Leave a package of cookies out where your kids can find them, and you’ll be able to regain precious hours of morning sleep while they devour them in secret. (AKA smush cookie crumbs and chocolate into the couch, but whatever, you can worry about that later.)

Okay, so none of these are actually “hacks” (at least as we traditionally think of them), but they are pretty hysterical. And for every mom out there who’s about a week into summer and already about to rip her hair out, Meli-Wischman’s video provides some much-needed belly laughs (you know, in between all the stress tears you’re probably crying).

Meli-Wischman’s no stranger to making funny videos, though. She already releases regular weekly videos in a series she calls #MomSoHardMondays, and says she’s “always thinking of new and ridiculous ideas.”

“The inspiration behind the video was simple because I found myself doing these hacks in my everyday life!” Meli-Wischman admits. (Hey, zero judgments here.)

And Meli-Wischman clearly knows a thing or two about juggling a lot — after all, she’s a busy mom of four to 5-year-old Benny, 3-year-old Zoey, 2-year-old Lily, and 10-month-old Sophie, whom she affectionately calls her “little chunker.”

In fact, it’s her kids who help her come up with much of the inspiration behind her videos. “My 5-year-old Benny helps me come up with a lot of my ideas,” she tells Babble, “and my husband is always there with a helping hand to film and add a famous one-liner here or there.”

As for her latest video? She had a blast making it (in case you couldn’t tell), and hopes that it offers other moms out there some much-needed levity.

“Moms are hard workers,” she notes, “and sometimes we just need to close the door and forget about the laundry for a day or two … or a week.”

And while she may not have a future in inventing real-world parenting hacks, she’s just happy to entertain us all in the meantime. And hey, maybe one of those hacks really can come in handy for you, after all.

“My favorite hack was my son fetching my beer,” she shares. “Five years old is a great age, they can snag your beer, entertain their siblings, and navigate the TV channels!”


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