Look How Weird Richard Simmons Is

Something very strange happened yesterday on Rodeo Drive. New face of Guess model Ashley Diana Morris, fittingly discovered at a Dierks Bentley concert, was ambushed on set by Richard Simmons who jumped in front of a tour bus to tell everyone about Morris. Richard Simmons was—picture this if you can—running up and down Rodeo Drive stopping people and acting crazy.

  • This Feels Like I Won the Super Bowl of Modeling! 1 of 6
    This Feels Like I Won the Super Bowl of Modeling!
    Morris says, "This feels like I won the Super Bowl of modeling. When Paul Marciano said that I will be one of the most recognized faces in the world because of Guess, I felt like I was following in the footsteps of women who I dreamed of being like since I was a little girl. I'm still pinching myself it's all so surreal." I agree that this is surreal.
  • Morris Poses With Friend 2 of 6
    Morris Poses With Friend
    The 5'9 blonde bombshell was discovered in Vancouver by photographer Odette Sugerman. After finding out she had never modeled before Paul Marciano flew her to Los Angeles, met with her and knew right away he had found a star. Morris was soon presented with a multi-figure modeling contract with Guess. She debuts with their lingerie and bikini campaigns.
  • Richard Simmons, Still Cut at 64 3 of 6
    Richard Simmons, Still Cut at 64
    Not to be outdone, Simmons flashed side-bosom in an effort to secure an ad campaign of his own. Not really.
  • Tourists and Pedestrians Went Nuts! 4 of 6
    Tourists and Pedestrians Went Nuts!
    So, on your left you have a guy in a cardigan. In the middle you'll see just a normal, every-day outfit of upscale scrubs and a flesh-colored tank, and on your right is pictured someone presumably embarrassed to be wearing the same tank as Richard Simmons so he took it off and put it between his legs. Just another day on Rodeo Drive, I assume.
  • Guess Girl of 2013—Ashley Diana Morris 5 of 6
    Guess Girl of 2013—Ashley Diana Morris
    Guess has been picking "it" girls for 30 years. Like Anna Nicole Smith and Claudia Schiffer before her, Morris was accosted on a bus by Richard Simmons. What? No. . . It's bustiers—That's what they all have in common.
  • Simmons Sports Rainbow Fringe 6 of 6
    Simmons Sports Rainbow Fringe
    Who knows why Richard Simmons does anything? Who cares! He makes the world a more spontaneous, strange, loveable place. As far as wearing short-shorts over age 60 goes, at some point you add nylons. Wait. What? You heard me. I would do the same. Congrats to Ashley Diana Morris and a big thumbs up to Richard Simmons. Live strong. (Now I'm talking to the nylons.) Live strong.

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