Cast of Lost: Then and Now

Remember Lost? It was so good and so obsession-worthy. It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since the polarizing series finale. Disappointed fans are STILL giving show-runner Damon Lindelof a hard time about it. Sheesh. In fact, it wasn’t until the finale of Breaking Bad that Lindelof decided to finally quit defending the end of Lost and has subsequently dropped out of the Twitter conversation.

Lost certainly left a mark on him, just as it left a mark on me and all of the fans who compulsively watched, researched, talked about, and re-watched the show. It was something of a cultural phenomenon and the first time I jumped into the rabbit hole of internet fan theories. (I’ve not come up for air since.)

But what about the actors? What have the passengers of that fated Oceanic Flight 815 been up to these days? Take a look!

  • Where Did They Go When They Got Off the Island? 1 of 15
  • Jack – Then 2 of 15

    Dr. Jack Shepherd immediately emerged from the plane crash on the mysterious island as a reluctant, but capable, leader. The story of Lost is the trajectory of our doctor Jack. It begins when he opens his eyes amidst the chaos of the plane crash and it ends when he closes them with his surrender to death and, subsequently, belief. Amen.

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  • Jack – Now 3 of 15
    Matthew Fox seen arriving to the Hollywood premiere of new film 'Alex Cross' held at the Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles

    He's greying at the temples but other than that, 47-year-old Matthew Fox doesn't look like he has aged off-island. He has been in Alex Cross and World War Z since Lost ended. Maybe his DUI and other allegations made him decide to lay low for a while. Whoopsie.

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  • Kate – Then 4 of 15

    Despondent, dirty, conflicted Kate. She was one of the island's best trackers and couldn't decide if she loved Jack or Saywer. Tough choice. I rooted for her and Sawyer for the duration of the series, but whatever.

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  • Kate – Now 5 of 15

    After dropping out of acting for a while when Lost ended, Evangeline Lilly is returning to the big screen as an elf. She's playing Tauriel in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which is a pretty major shift from her role as Kate. She's still a great tracker, though!


    Watch the trailer and hear Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of Smaug.



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  • Jin – Then 6 of 15

    Jin was kind of mean to Sun at first. They didn't have the best marriage. But then — THEN — their love story unfolded and deepened just in time to break our hearts with this.



    He won't leave her. He will never leave her again.


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  • Jin – Now 7 of 15
    Daniel Dae Kim attends the 'Man Of Steel' world premiere at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center in New York City

    Alive and well, Daniel Dae Kim is still filming in Hawaii and continues to make us swoon as Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-O.

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  • Sawyer – Then 8 of 15

    Just your average no-good con man who becomes his best self through time-jumping into the '70s and falling in love with a fertility doctor. That's Sawyer for you!

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  • Sawyer – Now 9 of 15
    Josh Holloway arrives at the Disney Media Networks International 'Upfronts 2013' held at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank

    Josh Holloway has stayed busy since Lost. He snagged parts in Mission Impossible 3, Paranoia, and Battle of the Year, and his series, Intelligence, comes out next year. I notice he has had time to get to the hair salon for a cut and wash. Boo.

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  • Sayid – Then 10 of 15

    Awesome, intelligent, and possessing a very specific skill set with an emphasis on torture, Sayid is pretty much the quarterback for the fantasy football version of getting stranded on an island. I don't know what fantasy football actually is, but I'd join Sayid's team for anything. (He did go weirdly evil for a while but it didn't last too long.)

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  • Sayid – Now 11 of 15

    Naveen Andrews is in Diana with Naomi Watts and he plays Jafar in ABC's new series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I hope Wonderland will showcase more than just his shiny curls. He's really good at torturing, for example.

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  • Ben – Then 12 of 15

    Remember when Ben said he was Henry Gale and he was pushing the unlikely story that he came to the island by way of hot air balloon? That was so cray. And it only got cray-er. Ben became one of the most complicated and, in my opinion, sympathetic characters on the show. Watch this to understand how a good man goes bad (and back to good). "He's the only one that'll have me."

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  • Ben – Now 13 of 15

    Michael Emerson is now starring as Harold Finch with Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest. He has a limp and created a machine that predicts human behavior and spits out the names of people who will either be victims or perpetrators of a crime. He and his partner intervene accordingly. Ben is finally one of the good guys.

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  • Richard – Then 14 of 15

    Immortal, unaging, wise, and mysterious. What was the deal with Richard Alpert anyway? He always seemed to be advising the guys in charge.

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  • Richard – Now 15 of 15

    Nestor Carbonell is putting his guyliner to good use in A&E's Psycho prequel, Bates Motel, as the local sheriff who pokes around Norma and Norman's hotel. Spoiler Alert: This story, like Lost, isn't going to end well.

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