Walt Disney World Returns Lost Toy to Little Boy, But First Takes It on an Epic Adventure

toy story
Image source: Kelly Grzech Ramsaran

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For those of us who live and breathe Disney culture, there is no better way to give back than with some simple Disney magic. The latest recipient of some extra pixie dust? Kelly Grezch Ramsaran and her little boy Wes.

The Ramsaran family had been enjoying their yearly spring break trip to Walt Disney World when tragedy struck — they lost Wes’ new Slinky dog toy.

In a now-viral Facebook post, Kelly explained how she let her son pick out one special toy during their vacation. He happily chose Slinky dog, saying, “Mommy, Buzz and Woody are going to be so happy when they see Slinky dog when we get home!” (Aww!)

The next day, the Ramsarans checked out of their resort and headed to a special breakfast with Rapunzel at the Boardwalk, followed by some shopping. It wasn’t until they had piled into the car to drive home that they realized Slinky was missing.

“Daddy forgot him on a bench inside the store while my son played with the pirate toys,” Kelly lamented in her post.

The once-devastated mama tells Babble her son reacted typically, saying, “Oh no! We ba-got Slinky!” and was worried, sad, and mad about the loss. After making many phone calls, as well as chatting for over 30 minutes with a Disney employee, Kelly gave up. But she told her son that just like Buzz and Woody got lost and made their home to Andy, Slinky would come home to them.

And come home, he did.

toy story
Image source: Kelly Grzech Ramsaran

Later that day, after a very long drive home, Kelly received a call from a cast member at the Boardwalk — Slinky had been found! They told her not to fret about paying for the shipping of the toy and that it would arrive in about 10 days. The Ramsarans never would have guessed how magical the return of Slinky would be.

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Image source: Kelly Grzech Ramsaran

The toy arrived alongside an additional Woody doll, a bucket of toy soldiers, a specially addressed letter, and a ton of photos showing Wes what an adventure Slinky had been on before coming home to him.

lost toy
Image source: Kelly Grzech Ramsaran

From playing video games to shopping for candy, the photos depict what it would be like if the actual toys from Toy Story were let loose to adventure throughout Walt Disney World.

toy story
Image source: Kelly Grzech Ramsaran

Kelly has since been criticized for “overreacting” in her response to the lost toy, but she stands by her emotions.

“I was upset. I am not going to lie,” she says. “It was not because Daddy forgot him on a bench; it was because my son was disappointed and I knew he was not going to let it go.”

toy story
Image source: Kelly Grzech Ramsaran

While people may feel for Kelly’s husband Shane (who she admittedly fought with about leaving the toy behind), she wants the world to know her post was really about “how awesome it was to get [Slinky] back after I was SO upset about losing him.”

While I’m sure Kelly’s favorite part about this whole experience was seeing the light in her son’s eyes as he exclaimed, “Mommy! Look! It’s Slinky! Mickey sent him home!” she also loves the message this story sends.

“I want everyone to know that there are still good people in the world,” says Kelly. “With all the terrible things we see and hear about daily, a little bit of magic and pixie dust should be sprinkled around always.”

I can’t help but agree.

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