Louis C.K. vs. Common Core: Comedian Takes on Testing via Twitter

Louis CK seen at the 'American Hustle' screening at Ziegfeld Theater in New York CityFirst there was No Child Left Behind, then there was the Race to the Top, now there is a new educational program that is facing controversy and criticism — Common Core standardized testing.

Students, parents and teachers have been very verbal over their dislike of the new educational plan, and now there is a new voice that is taking on the Common Core. His name is Louis C.K.: a comedian, a TV star and, most importantly, a dad. Louis C.K., who was named one of the “world’s most influential people” by Time magazine in 2012, went to Twitter on Monday night to attack the Common Core after looking over his daughter’s homework.

The New York Times called the Common Core the “most far-reaching experiment in American educational history.” And in Louis C.K.’s eyes, it’s an experiment that, even in its infancy, is failing.

Bright and early on Monday morning he tweeted the following message:


But he didn’t stop there. He then proceeded to take images of some of the homework that irked him:

He then became even more critical of the Common Core stating in a series of tweets:

He ended his rant with:

Louis C.K., isn’t alone. Many parents, and even educators, replied to his tweets in support. One thing missing on Twitter were any fans of the Common Core, especially when it comes to math. Many are arguing that it’s making math “harder,” and it’s make Louis C.K.’s kids CRY for Pete’s sake! Besides going to social media to voice their wrath, some are opting out of the Common Core testing for their kids like Babble’s Lori Garcia.

Common Core is still a young program, so perhaps it will get better. And we ALL know something had to be done due to the state of education in this country. While the solutions may not be perfect, at least there is change. Maybe not for the better, but it’s worth a try, right? Hopefully either Common Core will improve or there will be a new national plan of attack, for the sake of our children and our country.

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