Love Your Kids to the Moon and Back? Watch Live from Space!

Live from Space - Watch this with your kids!
You could say it began with Star Wars — doesn’t it always? The force is strong with my child. We’ve been talking about space and stars and the moon and protecting ourselves from the sun for ages. It’s all part of every day conversations and woven into how we proclaim our love: “I love you to the moon and back!” or “I love you more than 200 stars!” My son is not yet five but what he knows, for certain, is that space is HUGE. How huge is a pretty tough concept for him to grasp. Thanks to his much adored classic films in a galaxy far, far away, his understanding of the world beyond his front door is mostly fiction.

This is why I am so thrilled, seriously geeked, “let’s go get out the lawn chairs and sit outside in the dark and celebrate” excited, about tonight’s special on National Geographic.

Soledad O’Brien will be hosting and co-executive producing Live from Space tonight at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. THE SHOW WILL BE LIVE FROM SPACE! LITERALLY! The 2-hour event will take place 250 miles above Earth from the International Space Station (ISS) and NASA Mission Control in Houston.

The stars of the show will be astronauts Rick Mastrocchio and Koichi Wakata who are currently in orbit with the ISS. Astronaut Mike Massimino (you know, just the guy who fixed the Hubble Telescope) will be in Houston with Soledad.

Dresden at Space Camp in 1983While Soledad will be the one with the microphone asking the questions, you and your kids can be the ones writing the questions she asks. Ask a video question on Instagram and use #HelloFromEarth and your question just might get a response FROM SPACE.

I know, I know I am over the moon excited about this (see what I did there?), but don’t you guys remember how thrilling space travel was when we were kids? I remember kids in my class wanting to be astronauts. I remember watching every movie I could about space. I remember talking about what was happening in our space program every day. I even went to Space Camp!

Things changed a lot since 1986. In fact, everything changed for my generation. We used to watch all kinds of space stuff on TV during school, but after our school — and schools across the world witnessed the horrible tragedy of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster  — the TVs were turned off.

Space seemed forbidden to talk about. It felt like no one had the excitement, the glee, the curiosity to explore. It was a tragedy that rippled for years and years.

Watching my kid be so excited about space has renewed my enthusiasm. I watched him try Astronaut Ice Cream and just delighted in how much he loved it. After he finished the last powdery square he announced, “Well Mama, I guess I am ready for space now.” YES!

We will be watching tonight and marveling at the show.

By the way, if you don’t have a question to ask you can still send the astronauts a message using #HelloFromEarth. There will be an interactive web experience happening during the show. National Geographic says it will “allow viewers to track the space station while exploring the interests of people under its path.”

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