Idina Menzel Surprises 11-Year-Old Fan on ‘Ellen,’ and Has a Little Message for His Bullies

The 11-year-old boy who shocked the world with his incredible rendition of Frozen’s “Let It Go” in August is back — and even fiercer than before.

Luke Chacko first went viral last month after sharing a video of himself singing “Let It Go” at a school concert, in front of Queen Elsa herself: Idina Menzel. While this was a pretty brave move for any 11-year-old, Luke took the opportunity in stride, and won over the heart of the Frozen voice actor with his impressive performance.

But Luke’s viral fame is not over yet. The 6th-grader recently swung by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where he shared what it was like singing for and later meeting one of his all-time favorite idols. (Spoiler alert: He is straight-up adorable and his attitude is golden.)

Beaming from ear to ear, Luke told Ellen that he’s actually never had a vocal lesson before, and instead taught himself to sing by watching the likes of Tori Kelly, Arianna Grande, and yes, Idina Menzel herself. But despite his sweet nature and impressive singing abilities, Luke also found himself dealing with bullies at school these last few years, and admits it hasn’t been easy.

According to Luke, 4th and 5th grade were the worst, as he says kids consistently called him “gay, or a girl, or other things.” But while this certainly had the potential to get him down (as it would any kid his age), he’s learned to rise above it all — and has a pretty amazing outlook on dealing with kids who pick on him in general.

“I am a man of steel,” Luke told Ellen, which was instantly met with a round of applause and cheers from the audience. “These words can come at me and they can literally bounce back of because I am like a rubber man of steel.” (How much do you love this kid?!)

Yep — Luke is going to rise like the break of dawn and not let these bullies bother him, anyway! (See what I did there?) And not just because of his talent and newfound confidence, but also because he’s got a new girl in his squad … in the form of Idina Menzel, who surprised Luke on stage shortly after.

After hearing Luke’s story, Menzel had this message for anyone who tries to mess with the young singer: “You go home and you tell those kids if they bother you, I’m going to come kick their ass, okay?” (Yes, she really said that.)

Before leaving Ellen, Luke belted out “Let It Go” one more time for the audience, and of course nailed it.

… Is it just me, or is this song also a perfect metaphor for overcoming bullies? Cue: actual chills.

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