25 Mad Men Era Ads to Get You Through Summer

I know just how you feel. It’s hard to fight withdrawal symptoms when your favorite show ends. I don’t even want to mention how long you have to wait for Mad Men’s 7th season (sometime in April), but at least we know that Matthew Weiner will start writing it by mid July!

Thank goodness for the Saturday Evening Post. They’ve opened up their archives for you to peruse real life Mad Men-era ads in order to get your 1960s fix. Take a look!

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  • Husband Pleasing Coffee 2 of 26

    The ad wizards plugging this coffee think the best thing about it is that it is "husband pleasing." Sounds about right, circa 1960. I hate to imagine what will happen if my husband is not pleased by this coffee!

  • 7 Up 3 of 26

    Relax, man, and enter to win the wet and wild sweepstakes from 7 Up! You could win a Thunderbird, a COLOR television, or a mink shrug. I am 100% sure the illustrators of Schoolhouse Rock drew this.

  • Budweiser 4 of 26

    Budweiser is the king of beers, and you can read a song about it on every special Budweiser label. Hmmm. As a precursor to QR codes this promotion kind of sucks. And I say that from the future knowing that QR codes are actually going to suck.

  • Cadillac 5 of 26

    For the good folks at Cadillac, craftsmanship is not just a value or a way of life but a creed.


    1. A system of Christian or other religious belief; a faith.
    2. A formal statement of Christian beliefs, esp. the Apostles' Creed or the Nicene Creed.
    belief - credo - faith - religion - persuasion
  • Coca-Cola 6 of 26

    Refresh. Relax. Cheerful. Bright and lively. Cold and crisp. I'm totally sold on Coke, even without the image of a self-footrub through pantyhose after a day of shopping. One question, though, Coca-Cola: How many of those bottles equals 44 oz?

  • Dry Cleaning 7 of 26

    I've always known that one-hour dry cleaning was for well-dressed sophisticates. Now I know it is also the key to my future.

  • Frost-Proof Refrigerator 8 of 26

    I don't even know what it would be like to defrost my own refrigerator but it sounds really gross and like something I would never do in a navy dress and golden grown. This little number not only defrosts itself, but it also comes in 5 colors or white.

    The best part? "Foods stay frozen hard always."


  • Chrysler 9 of 26

    "Here's an idea: We compare everything about a Chrysler to everything about the circus! The seats are literally as soft as cotton candy," said Don Draper.

    Because a costumed elephant makes me want to buy whatever car is right next to it.

  • Crush 10 of 26

    What the? GRAPEFRUIT CRUSH? Time machine, stat. I feel so cheated living in the 21st century where Strawberry Crush is the most exotic flavor of Crush I can even wrap my head around.

  • Esso Research 11 of 26

    Mmmmmm. Nothing like the soft and supple feel of rayon and acetate fabrics.  And you can count on Esso Research for lubricants for your textiles OR your car. Tennis anyone?

  • Dodge Trucks 12 of 26

    Everything about this ad - from the vibrant colors to the pegged jeans - speaks to my inner frugal cowboy. This truck is so awesome! I mean, it has extra large breaks!

  • Body by Fisher for GM Cars 13 of 26

    Bask in the yellow glow of thick rubber cushions that shush vibrations. It's basically a cradle for your baby—A plush, rolling cradle without seat belts or any kind of safety features whatsoever. Lace cuffs and collars are not included, regretfully.

  • Log Cabin Syrup 14 of 26

    Some things haven't changed at all over the last 50 years, like Log Cabin syrup and cutting your own bangs.

  • Lawn Mower 15 of 26

    Don't let a thrown rock or toxic fumes dampen the fun! Yard care is a picnic. Go ahead and haul 5 kids in a trailer behind the lawnmower while your wife stands by with refreshing drinks. Why wouldn't you spend every second of every day doing this!

  • Foremost Milk 16 of 26

    This milk looks delicious. It's off-white, and it's homogenized, which seems really good.

  • Scotkins Paper Napkins 17 of 26

    Imagine how revolutionary paper napkins are to begin with. Now imagine them in vibrant colors! Using paper napkins sounds like a pretty easy way to be artistic. Let me at them!

  • AT&T "Wife Preservers" 18 of 26

    Oh, I get it. WIFE preservers.

    AT&T, you clever, clever minx.

  • Sylvania Television 19 of 26

    If you saw this ad in the 1960s, Sylvania just blew your mind. One. Button. Remote. Control. Is this the future? (No, our remotes have way more buttons, but it's a cute idea.)

  • Tab 20 of 26

    Tab was awesome. And if we never found out any of the side effects of ingesting saccharine, it would still be awesome.

  • Man-Size Marlin 21 of 26

    It's man-size. Perfect!

  • Stainless Steel 22 of 26

    Stainless steel has gone all the way out and come back into style, but it was a lot shinier in the '60s. Please feel free to happily browse the stainless steel shop of Republic Steel, but don't you forget what black octopus wants to tell you, which is, "INFLATION ROBS US ALL!"

    Word, black octopus.

  • Pink Wall-Hung Toilet from American Standard 23 of 26

    I don't think you even realize how convenient a pink wall-mounted toilet is. You can simply mop right under it. It provides a lot of clearance too when you're swinging that sledge hammer to knock it out for your bathroom remodel.

  • Pepsi 24 of 26

    Oh my. Pepsi is way more high-brow than I thought. It's for sociables to drink at plays and stuff. But here's the kicker—the big pitch to totally reel you in and make you a customer for life. "Pepsi. . . adds to any pleasant moment."

    Kind of a soft sell, if you ask me.

  • Polio Vaccine 25 of 26

    Lest you think this is actually an ad for polio, take a look at the fine print. I am absolutely grateful we don't talk about summer in terms of "polio season" anymore.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup 26 of 26

    Classics like Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup never go out of style. But Ima call "photo shopped" on the abundance of noodles and the size of that chicken!


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