Husband Hides Creepy Clown on Wedding Day, Surprises Wife with the Photos 1 Year Later

Most of us can appreciate a good surprise for our anniversary. You know, an impromptu weekend getaway, a romantic dinner for two, an unexpected piece of jewelry, a framed photo of your wedding day with a creepy clown in the background.

Wait, what?

Believe it or not, one San Antonio woman opened such a gift from her husband on their one-year anniversary — and (big surprise) the story is now going viral.

Manda and Vincent Alexander pose on their wedding day, while a "killer" clown stands in the background.
Image Source: Pop of Color Images

At first, Manda Alexander thought she was getting a pretty standard anniversary gift from her husband Vincent; until she looked closer and saw a terrifying clown standing in the doorway behind them.

Lucky for everyone involved, the creepy clown was intentionally staged in the background by her husband on their wedding day, and was actually just family. (Phew.)

“I thought the idea of having a clown during the cocktail hour, tying balloons, and doing tricks, would be highly amusing,” Alexander told Babble of his wedding day last year. “My wife said that if I wanted one I could have one, but I knew deep down she didn’t want it so I decided to get one without her or anyone else being the wiser.”

I mean, who doesn’t want a creepy clown milling about their wedding reception, scaring family, friends, and neighbors while they’re enjoying tiny cocktail sausages? (I’m with you, Manda.)

Ever the doting fiancé, Vincent told ABC News that he nixed the idea, deciding to get a “surprise” clown to be in a photo instead. And when he couldn’t find a clown who’d do it, Vincent enlisted the help of his brother.

“My brother was a groomsman,” Vincent tells Babble. “The clown suit was one piece that went over his suit and then he put the mask on. You can see his tie and dress shoes if you look closely.”

Photographer Megan Bowling of Pop of Color Images says the groom first told her about his big idea the day of the engagement photos.

“I really wasn’t sure if he was going to go through with it on the actual wedding day, but sure enough the wedding day came and he had it all planned out,” says Bowling. “I have no idea how I did not bust out laughing.”

Alexander then waited an entire year to surprise his wife with the photo, and as you can imagine, she was pretty shocked by the whole thing. Lucky for him though, Manda also thought it was hysterical.

“I burst out laughing,” she told ABC News. “I was in shock. I first thought it was photoshopped because I didn’t know how he could’ve done that without me knowing the day of the wedding and then he started explaining it was his brother.”

On seeing people’s reactions to the frightening photo, Vincent says, “I never knew so many people had a phobia of them until this came out.”

Yes, Vincent — many, MANY people have phobias of killer clowns (*raises both hands overhead*).

Luckily, the clown was only in one picture. But I’m sure Manda would agree that one clown was more than enough.

“Currently it is hanging in our hallway,” Vincent shares. (Likely scarring all future house guests, I’m sure!)

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