Four Marines Form Unlikely Bond Over ‘Gilmore Girls’: “It Reminds Us of Home”

To those of you who think Gilmore Girls is just for coffee-addicted mothers and daughters, these Marines are about to prove you so wrong.

Jesse, Luke, Erik, and John, the men you see excitedly cheering at a television screen in the beginning of the video clip, met when they were all members of a sniper platoon deployed to Iraq in 2005.

No, they aren’t watching a major sporting event. They got the gang back together, flying from all around the country, to binge-watch Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

While I already respect these men for serving our country, I may also be crushing on them for discovering the beauty of Stars Hollow all on their own. The group got hooked on the show when Jesse discovered season two while at war. He told CBS News, “It was unopened in like some library in the middle of a base in Iraq.” Talk about a nice surprise.

So while the men were deployed, they counted on Lorelai and Rory to remind them of home. Erik noted, “At least for me, Stars Hollow was the America I think we all thought — we all wished we were fighting for.”

While stationed, the four men actually took the time to write a letter to the show’s creators, Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino. Luke, emotionally, read the words they had written:

“Part of the attraction is a simple case of contrasts. I live in a strict, macho, sometimes violent world that very often does not make sense. Stars Hollow, a town where Gilmore Girls takes place is pretty, it’s warm, friendly. And then there’s the simple human stories. Relationships between parents and children, brothers and sisters, loves lost and found, and friends who are always there. In the end, much of the entertainment is escapism. And for me and a few friends over here in Iraq, there’s no place we’d rather escape to. It reminds us of all the best parts of home.”

The men got teary-eyed, and so did I, as they read the letter out loud. It is clear that they have a strong bond that has been built by the experiences they have shared, Gilmore Girls included. The men have also made an impact on The Palladinos, who have cherished the letter for nearly a decade. While they were stationed, the couple had even tracked down their unit and sent a care package to the guys. Luke recalled, “And we open these boxes up and there are all four of these jackets.”

The guys, who broke out the jackets in honor of the reunion, claim it is “a masculine piece of clothing.” I wouldn’t dare judge — they look great in them! As a final surprise for the Marines, Amy and Daniel Palladino popped up on a video chat to see what they thought of the revival. Amy asked, “Are you OK with the shows? If you are unhappy, I’ll redo them.”

I certainly don’t doubt it. Maybe Jesse, Luke, Erik, and John can convince her to give us a second year in Stars Hollow? If anyone can do it — it’s them.

h/t: CBS News

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