This Adorable Baby Is Blowing Up Instagram with Her Hilarious Facial Expressions

Mar’Lei Huskey may just be a mere 3 months old, but she’s already making a name for herself, thanks to her wide array of adorable facial expressions and an impeccable set of dimples. A photo of the infant was shared last week on the popular Facebook page Awesomely Luvvie, where it quickly went viral because … well, need I even say why?

“I cannot adequately express my love for this little old soul,” wrote one user after seeing the photo. (To which I say: SAME.)

“This baby sees all my past indiscretions, flaws [and] lays waste to my excuses,” wrote another. “(Going to sit in a corner [and] rethink my entire life).”

And then there was this gem of a comment, which is so on-point it hurts: “If that baby doesn’t grow up to be Beverly in HR she will have missed her calling.”

If you’re wondering whether there are more adorable photos where that came from, the answer is yes; yes there is.

Mar’Lei’s mom Marlesha tells Babble that her daughter’s been making funny faces and smiling for the camera pretty much since birth, but it wasn’t until last month that the Missouri mom of four decided to start an Instagram account for her only daughter. And man, is the Internet so glad she did.

Here’s Mar’Lei pretending to laugh at that joke you made (which wasn’t really funny, for the record).

And here she is trying to fit her whole fist inside her mouth because somebody dared her.

And here she is … well, just looking straight-up adorable, as one does.

OMG those dimples!

Mar’Lei may be still in diapers, but I sure get the feeling she’s already wise beyond her years.

Like the kind of baby who spends hours examining the meaning of life …

Or practicing her model stare …

And look, she’s already got fashion sense that would rival any 5-year-old’s:

Mar’Lei’s mom says she’s a good baby “for the most part” — especially because she sleeps through the night. She loves being talked to, getting in as much tummy time as she can, and watching Disney Jr. with her big brother.

As for bath time and diaper changes, though? Well, here’s what she has to say about that:

Marlesha admits she was apprehensive at first, saying, “It was weird at first because I was scared of what people would comment on her.”

Luckily though, the Internet has welcomed Mar’Lei with open arms (most likely because her hilarious expressions totally sum up some of their own innermost thoughts).

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of this little lady!

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