Adorably Overprotective Brother Schools Sister on Why She Doesn’t Need a Boyfriend Right Now

As far as protective older brothers go, a little boy named Marley McNeill is giving them all a run for their money this week.

Seven-year-old Marley is the star of a recent viral video, in which he sits in the back of his mom’s car on the way home from school, and spouts off the many reasons why his little sister Brooklyn does not (I repeat, does NOT) need a boyfriend right now. And it is all sorts of adorable.

Besides being in kindergarten (a very minor detail), 5-year-old Brooklyn’s got “so many things to do” in life before she should even think about getting a boyfriend. Things including, but not limited to, working on her “shapes, handwriting, uh math, uh, all that stuff.”

“This is the time to tell your truth!” Marley tells his sister, in what might be one of the most Oprah-esque lines I’ve ever heard uttered — let alone out of a 7-year-old child. “And you worried by some boyfriend? You don’t even know how to write your name. You need practice on your Zs and Ss.”

(You hear that, Brooklyn? You need to be an independent woman first! THEN worry about boys like Dylan on the playground.)

If you haven’t yet caught the clip in full, please stop what you’re doing and press play right now, because it’s comedy gold:

The video was uploaded over the weekend by Brooklyn and Marley’s mom Jasmine, who uses the handle @_bigjass, and let me tell you, it is a pure delight. But I’m not the only one who thinks so. It’s already racked up over 21K views in just five short days.

According to Marley’s mom Jasmine, her son’s little “life lesson” came after she had just left a parent-teacher conference with Brooklyn’s teacher.

“After going over how she’s doing academically, the teacher mentioned (jokingly) that she heard from other students Brooklyn is dating a boy in her class,” Jasmine tells Babble. “I spoke with Brooklyn about it on the car ride home. My daughter admitted to me that she was dating a boy in her class and my son joined our conversation immediately.”

“He takes his role of being her big brother seriously because he believes as her brother, he’s supposed to protect her from the world,” says Jasmine. “However, I noticed that Marley was getting emotional. He felt he let himself down by not protecting her from a ‘boyfriend’ so I pulled out the camera to share this moment with their dad.”

Image Source: Jasmine McNeill

Needless to say, the little exchange was even more touching for the Washington, DC mom than it wound up being for the rest of the Internet.

“This was such a heartfelt moment for me as their mom, because I felt as though I formed a bond between my children that could never be broken,” Jasmine shares. “Their love for each other is indescribable.”

Of course, the moment was also pretty hilarious. But Jasmine says these humorous little exchanges are not uncommon between her kids.

“Marley usually engages with his sister as he did in the video,” she admits. “They have absolutely no filter when it’s time to express their feelings. They’re taught to be authentic and free but respectful. He might’ve came off strong to others, but his sister and I know it’s all love. He’s a marshmallow when it comes to his sister and I.”

You can follow the McNeill siblings on more adorable adventures over on Instagram, where their mom shares updates under the handle @mcneillkids2.

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