Creative Dad Builds ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Baby Furniture That’ll Blow You Away

Editor’s Note: Babble and Star Wars are both part of the Walt Disney Company.

Designer and builder Matt Regonini is not only obsessed with making things, but he’s also a longtime fan of Star Wars. So when his 8-month-old son Ellis entered the picture, he naturally had the idea to build Star Wars-inspired kids’ furniture — and the results have been amazing.

Just take a look at this incredible rocking horse that he built, inspired by the Star Wars AT-AT!

Image Source: Matt Regonini

Once he built the rocking horse, Regonini wasn’t about to stop there. He then started sketching out ideas for coordinating wall art pieces.

“I felt like it really needed some background vehicles to complete for his bedroom walls,” Regonini tells Babble. “I sketched up a drawing of the AT-ST that I was planning on building and showed it to Wes [Swain, friend and fellow maker]. His reply was: ‘High chair?’ After that, it was all I could see in my head; I had to make it.”

And from there, this Star Wars AT-ST high chair was born.

Image Source: Matt Regonini

Thankfully, it’s Ellis-approved!

Image Source: Matt Regonini

For any of you curious about how to make your own, Regonini actually recorded the making of both the high chair and the rocking horse to give an idea of how they were put together. But, fair warning: it takes skills, and all the safety precautions are up to you.

Regonini says he works pretty fast, though. He said he designed the high chair in a day and built the rest practically in a weekend. Which isn’t that surprising, because he’s pretty much a pro — in fact, he says he grew up woodworking with his family, and later went into product design. Right now, Regonini works for Converse as a brand experience designer, but still spends his free time building fun stuff for family and friends.

Wait, free time with an 8-month-old baby in the house?

“I’ve learned to make every minute count and take full advantage of nap times,” says Regonini. Still, he admits it’s tough, because he has way more ideas than he knows what to do with.

But for now, Ellis has an awesome high chair and rocking horse to enjoy, at least for as long as they can physically hold him.

Of course … no one else in his family is really fooled by all this, though.

“Most of the reactions I’ve received have been along the lines of: ‘You built that for yourself,’” says Regonini. “And if I’m being honest, they’re not wrong!”

Spoken like a true fan!

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