Matthew McConaughey Handed Out Free Turkeys to a Whole Town, and OMG We Wish We Lived There

I could probably watch Matthew McConaughey try to sell me anything at this point and still thoroughly enjoy myself. He can try and get me to buy a Lincoln. He can model all the Dolce and Gabbana he wants. And he can even interest me in a Thanksgiving turkey, despite my being a vegetarian.

I know this, because I just spent five minutes of my life doing that very thing.

The award-winning actor recently teamed up with Wild Turkey, a Kentucky-based Bourbon company, and Butterball, who asked him earlier this month if he’d be interested in delivering 450 turkeys to the residents of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. His response? “Alright alright alrightttt.”

Haha, just kidding. (But I mean, probably.)

It all went down on November 4 — which just so happened to be the actor’s 48th birthday. And while McConaughey shared some of his interactions that day on social media, Wild Turkey has just released an extended video of the day on YouTube, and it’s pretty amazing.

In the nearly five-minute clip, the actor can be seen knocking on doors and surprising residents who look like they might have heart attacks right there on their doorsteps. And I mean, could you blame them? ONE OF THE SEXIEST MEN ALIVE IS AT THEIR FRONT DOOR. WITH A FREE THANKSGIVING TURKEY!

Which, speaking of, I really gotta hand it to these people for a) generally keeping their cool b) being fully dressed, and c) even coming to the door to begin with. Lord knows if that was me, I’d probably still be in my PJs when he arrived, and would likely be hiding under my bed with a broom if I heard a knock on the door by a stranger in the middle of the day. For one, because I live in New York, and two, who goes door-to-door anymore?

But I digress.

“Y’all know what this is?” McConaughey says at one point, while walking into one home filled with screaming women.

“It’s a sexy man carrying a turkey!” one yells.

LOL — yep, she is 100% accurate there.

After hand-delivering hundreds of turkeys to each home in the six-square-mile town of Lawrenceburg, McConaughey and the folks at Wild Turkey even hit up the local food bank and nursing home, where another 580 turkeys were handed out. Wild Turkey also made a donation to the anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength to provide 50,000 Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

“Everybody was 100 percent surprised,” McConaughey can be heard saying in the video. “See you’ve got those who absolutely needed it, you got some people that just do a lot of good in the community. It was a great day.”

How heartwarming is that?

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