Mayim Bialik Gets Real About Something Divorced Parents Are Tired of Hearing

If you don’t already follow Mayim Bialik on Facebook or Twitter, please do yourself a favor and follow her now. The Big Bang Theory star is pretty entertaining, posting everything from insightful articles about feminism and parenting to her incredibly random (but hilarious) dreams. She even shares behind-the-scenes photos of costars (and this adorable sloth!).

But perhaps some of her best material involves the realities of motherhood. The 41-year-old actress is a mom of two, 12-year-old Miles and 9-year-old Frederick, who she shares with ex-husband Michael Stone. Her commentary on everyday life, her boys’ many antics, and the general ridiculousness of kids is pretty hilarious, to say the least.

Take Mayim’s latest Facebook post, which was apparently shared when she was in the middle of performing every mom’s FAVORITE task: cleaning the toilet bowl.

She’s clad in PJs and a lavender robe, and has a look of annoyance on her face that every parent has at least once — no, make that 50 — times a day.

And then we learn why: “This is the moment my sons chose to complain that I don’t have Spotify premium but their dad does,” she captioned the photo. “Think I gave a good gosh darn?”

Spoiler alert: the answer is NOPE.

Since it was first shared on March 26, the post has racked up 18K likes, and hundreds of comments from parents everywhere — especially divorced parents, who have likely heard this one all too often.

“My daughter has said basically the same thing so many times over the past 4+ years,” commented Facebook user Susan R. “I tell her that I work hard to make sure that we have a roof over our heads, food in our tummies, and clothes on our backs, because so many people around the world do not. Someday, I hope she understands I did the best that I could, and that I loved her beyond reckoning.”

But honestly, this kind of thing is an all-too-common tactic of kids everywhere. And man, are parents tired of hearing it.

“Sounds about right,” wrote Mike S. “My kiddos say things like ‘well so and so’s parents let them have a TV in their room.’ Do I look like their parents? Nope. My house my rules, I said no. They’ll get over it.”

Others just took a moment to let Mayim know that they appreciate her brutal honesty more than she knows.

“You’re awesome!” wrote Delaina M. “I just wanted to say I’m not just a typical fan but as a mom and just an everyday human being I’m considering you as a friend. You’re a great person with a great mindset. I look forward to your future posts and I will take notes lol.”

In the meantime, hang in there, Mayim — who needs Spotify premium anyway?

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