The Hilarious Moms from IMomSoHard Answer Your Biggest Questions

“I shave once every three months and the hair fights back.”

Kristin Hensley has a hair problem. And she ain’t ashamed to share it. On video. With the world. And I know this because Kristin and her friend, Jen Smedley, are the Los Angeles-based moms behind IMomSoHard, a video series that is making a bigger splash than your kids during bath time.

Kristin had me at “Listen, Jen. NIPPLE HAIR IS A THING,” from their “I Body Hair So Hard” video that had me laughing so hard I cried. Real tears. Because I also body hair so hard, and yes, Jen, nipple hair IS a thing! Clearly I’m not alone because the video has over 3.6 million views on Facebook. I thought I couldn’t want to have a sleepover and French braid their hair more than at that moment — and then I watched “I Spanx So Hard.” The moment Jen said, “Speaking of beige and delicious … ” lounging in Jen’s kitchen in full Spanx glory, I completely lost it.

We all drink wine and talk smack with our friends, but the fearless duo do it with such shameless humor that you can’t help but want to be their best friend. The women leave no stone unturned in their quest to share the perils of momhood with a refreshing boldness and unapologetic hilarity that will have you laughing through nearly every second of every video. I recently got the chance to ask them a few questions after their hilarious Facebook Live on Babble (which you can watch above) and, as with every single video they’ve created since May, these funny moms did not disappoint.

How did you meet?

K & J: We are both from Nebraska, went to the same school, had mutual friends, yet never met. Then we both moved to LA, lived in Venice, which is a small beach town, went to the same pubs, still never met. We were both doing comedy all over town and still, never met. Then one night, at an obscure underground comedy club, we were standing back-to-back and heard the other one talk about Nebraska. We were instant friends and the rest, they say, is history. We were friends while each of us met and dated our husbands, got married, had babies, spent holidays together, birthdays, BBQ’s and now, luckily, IMomSoHard.

Are you planning to have any more kids?

K: My husband had a vasectomy and we just adopted a golden retriever. My family is complete. For now.
J: Not planning. But if someone dropped a baby off at my doorstep, and I didn’t have to do the 10 months of eating nachos that my pregnancies require, I’d happily have another.

What has been the best way for you to keep up your friendship in the midst of motherhood craziness?

K: CREATING IMOMSOHARD! Jen and I are really good friends and we love hanging out talking and laughing together. The good thing about us as a creative team is we thoroughly love the process and being moms is our “wheelhouse.” For us, it’s an extension of our friendship. And now, we have an excuse to get together and drink mimosas. If our husbands give us a hard time we can honestly say, “It’s work.” And then we “cheers” each other. The other nice thing about our friendship is we can dip in and out of work and back to real life really quickly. It’s not uncommon for one of us to send a text that says “Can you jump on a conference call at 3:00” and the following text will read “How do you get Sharpie off the floor?”

Have you had to decide that some friends aren’t worth keeping after having kids?

J: Nope. Keeping friends after kids takes a little more effort on both people’s parts, but it’s worth it. Your mommy friends will help keep you sane, and your non-mommy friends help you remember you are also all these other wonderful things besides a mom. Hang on to them. Just get used to seeing them a bit less.

What’s the most embarrassing thing your child has ever said or done in public?

K: My son peed in Jen’s planter during a party. He was about 3 at the time and I was just bragging about him and then I noticed him standing near a planter and he was fully peeing. Jen, as usual, was super awesome and said, “I’m sure my husband has done the same thing.”
J: I currently cannot get my son to pee anywhere but the backyard. He learned from my husband.

What’s your favorite go-to recipe?

K: A drive-thru. Jen will literally have 30 answers for this question. Sigh.
J: Wine and cheese.

What’s your best/favorite “mom hack”?

K: My favorite mom hack is “Text Jen.” Honestly, she knows about every weird way to get a stain out, or make a casserole with 3 ingredients, or mend clothing. If there was a zombie apocalypse I would want Jen in my camp. Except she would be worthless when it came to actually killing a zombie because she’s too nice and wouldn’t have the heart. “Maybe someone just needs to talk to them?”
J: Calling my own mom. If she doesn’t know how to do something, it can’t be done. She taught me to soak a shrunken sweater in hair conditioner to stretch it back out. And it works. That’s next-level stuff.

How do your husbands feel about the videos?

J: Love them. Super supportive and are there helping us and telling us we’re shiny.
K: Our husbands are good friends, so while we are shooting there are a lot of “bits” going on behind the camera as well.

What’s your favorite video that you’ve done?

J: I can’t choose between my children.
K: I can. I BODY HAIR SO HARD is my favorite, but I SPANX SO HARD is a close second. The Body Hair episode was so fun because Jen and I had such a horrible day prior, and we just drank some wine and let loose as moms do. We were both laughing so hard at my body hair woes that we were crying, and so was her husband who was running the camera. It proved to us that the more honest we are, the funnier it is.

Are any topics off limits?

J: Not that I can think of. I think we’re willing to discuss any topic that good friends discuss. We wouldn’t say something that would be hurtful to someone we love, but we’ll definitely make fun of them.
K: We never want to feel preachy or give advice. We aren’t going to tell you how to raise your kids or which shoes to buy. And we also want to make you laugh, so heavy subjects aren’t our thing. We want to talk about things we all can relate to like nipple hair, exhaustion, and of course, wine.


“The comments on Facebook are incredible. It’s all been so supportive,” Kristin says of the success she and Jen have achieved. “The greatest compliment we receive is, ‘You make me pee my pants and we should be best friends.’”

We should, Kristin, we totally should. You shave my back and I’ll shave yours!

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