Meg Ryan and Daisy True in Soho (photos)

Meg looks cute and urban as she treks through Soho with Daisy True, a carry on, and a pretty strict-looking nanny in tow.

Daisy seems game for an outing with her mom, but even though her mom is a famous actress, Daisy True hasn’t quite mastered the poker face. She looks alternately aghast and delighted by the city.

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  • Tromping Through the City 2 of 9
    Tromping Through the City
    Meg with Daisy True, a carry on bag, her nanny, and a fedora.
  • Whatcha Looking At, Daisy? 3 of 9
    Whatcha Looking At, Daisy?
    Is it Tom Hanks you see?
  • Mom and Daisy 4 of 9
    Mom and Daisy
    Just a couple of gals in lady blazers.
  • What the? 5 of 9
    What the?
    Seriously is that Tom Hanks up there? Like, waiting for me on the Empire State Building?
  • Wait, No. . . 6 of 9
    Wait, No. . .
  • Soho Celebrities 7 of 9
    Soho Celebrities
    The woman in the background plays it cool on her cell phone.
  • Truly Cute, Daisy True 8 of 9
    Truly Cute, Daisy True
    Meg's pants are kind of too baggy though.
  • Nanny is Not Amused 9 of 9
    Nanny is Not Amused
    What do Meg and Nanny talk about? Daisy True's hijinks, probably.

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