Megan Fox Says Lingerie Can Give Moms the Confidence Boost They Need After Giving Birth

Megan Fox has many jobs listed on her resume — blockbuster movie actress, successful model, busy mom of three … and now, proud co-owner of the kinky boudoir shop, Frederick’s of Hollywood.

If you’ve never seen a Frederick’s of Hollywood, let me tell you, they sell some very hot lingerie. The actress and proud mom recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that wearing lingerie gave her the boost of confidence she needed, when she posed for a photoshoot just five months after the birth of her third child, Journey.

While discussing body image and self-confidence, Fox told Cosmo:

“I hadn’t been wearing lingerie before that, and I looked in the mirror, and I was like, the fact that I look this way after having a baby is a miracle, and I was thankful, and it gave me a little boost of confidence.”

Okay, before we go any further, let me first address the elephant in the room here — because I think I know what you’re probably thinking right now: Yes, Megan Fox is drop dead gorgeous. Yes, she certainly has the luxury of a personal trainer and other resources to help her stay fit and trim. And yes, she likely shares the genetic code of Aphrodite herself, but still … she kind of has an awesome point about being body positive, no matter where you’re at.

When mothers are encouraged to embrace their postpartum bodies by thinking of their scars as badges of courage and love, and by learning to appreciate and be proud of their new mom bods, then imagine how powerful they can feel?

Fox is encouraging other mothers to try wearing sexy underwear to see if it gives them a boost of confidence too:

“I think maybe more women should try it, not prancing around in lingerie in front of large groups of people, but just wearing it at home before they think they’re ready. They might surprise themselves and see their bodies in ways they weren’t anticipating.”

The truth of the matter is that all bodies change after giving birth, and for many women, that means a huge change in perception of our own beauty and self-worth. Even women like the eternally stunning Megan Fox are not immune to feeling insecure or uncomfortable with what Mother Nature does to us. And in a world where moms everywhere are looking for more support, love, and acceptance ideas of increasing body positivity tend to raise attention in a good way.

As the mother of two children and one on the way, I can say for certain that I do NOT look like Megan Fox, but I can totally see her point about sporting a pair of sexy underwear and how that would make me feel just a little bit better about the current state of my body.

For some mothers, sexy underwear just won’t do the trick for lifting self-confidence, and that’s cool too. The real take away from Fox’s message is that women deserve to feel beautiful, and for her, that might mean strutting through her house in chic undies. For me? Feeling beautiful means wearing a messy bun and my coziest clothes. And I’m okay with that, too.

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