Melissa Peterman’s Bet on Your Baby Hosting Secret: Eat Snacks and Take Naps


Melissa Peterman is one of those instantly likable celebrities. You really can’t help yourself. The first credit Melissa achieved was in a little movie called Fargo. Melissa had a part that didn’t even warrant a character name, but it was a very funny, standout performance. You betcha.

Years later Melissa cracked us up as Barbra Jean on Reba. Now she stars as the hilariously over-protective Bonnie Wheeler on ABC Family’s Baby Daddy. For the last two years Melissa has also been the host of a TV show that has been growing in popularity with families. Melissa Peterman hosts ABC’s Bet on Your Baby, a show highlighting how well parents know their children.

The program has a nice nod to that television classic Kids Say the Darndest Things with Art Linkletter. Melissa is a fan of that show and said it proves “there is no better comic partner than kids.” She knew when she signed on to do Bet on Your Baby that she wanted to bring in elements of Art’s show. I asked her what were some of the darndest things kids have said to her during taping. Some of her favorites are: “Why are you so tall?” and “You could be a better host if you could color better.”

If you haven’t seen an episode yet, one of the first things you will notice is it is very fast-paced. Melissa shared she keeps her energy up by doing what the kids do: Eat snacks and take naps! She also added that working within a fun environment makes things easy.

During the show parents are asked to predict how their child will do within a specific scenario. Melissa explained that the show is set up to be fun for the kids. She could only think of one moment when a child didn’t want to do a game. If the parents successfully predict the outcome, they win money to be used towards their child’s college fund. It’s silly and fun to watch, but Melissa offered that there is more to it than that.

“I think the show is a great family show that adults and kids can enjoy together. I’d like to think it brings families together for an hour of fun and maybe inspires them to play their own games together.”

Melissa Peterman does seem to be working nonstop, but somehow in between shows she found time to write Happily Ever Before with Aimee Pitta. Since I personally struggled with infertility, I always appreciate seeing characters experience paths I am familiar with, but I loved that she and Aimee tackled this subject with a comedic tone. I asked Melissa what drew her to writing a novel about surrogacy and sisters.

“Families are created in so many ways and to help someone fulfill their dream of parenthood is the greatest gift you can give. I wanted to explore that dynamic within a family and specifically sisters. I would love to write another book.”

So what does Melissa think of the transition of Fargo into a TV show on F/X? She loves it. “I think the TV series is Fantastic!! I know a few people in the cast and I love the show. They captured the essence of the world the Coen brothers created brilliantly.”

Melissa’s summer “to-do” list:

Book: The Goldfinch
Movies: Maleficent and How to Train Your Dragon 2
Music: Bruno Mars (she would love to see him in concert and says if anyone has a ticket, she will drive!)

Image Credit: ABC.com

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