Michael Caine Is Cool

michaelcaineIt seems like Michael Caine (age 80) has been around forever, but he shows no sign of slowing and lately he’s in every cool movie.

Inception. The Prestige. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. His latest, Now You See Me, opened last weekend. Talk about staying power.

He reflects on his life in an interview with AARP, which I’m happy to summarize here for you just in case you let your subscription lapse.

Michael Caine’s real name is Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, so he changed his last name to Caine from Humphrey Bogart’s The Caine Mutiny, obviously.

Happy in life with grandchildren, daughters, and a wife who does his tweeting for him, Michael Caine looks back on a long, prolific acting career and pinpoints the movie that first inspired him,

“I was a shy, lonely boy and spent my life in the library and cinema. The first actor I saw on-screen was The Lone Ranger. I was 4 and went, ‘I want to be the Lone Ranger.’ That’s where my story started.”

As a mother of 4 shy children, it’s hard to imagine or predict which childhood experiences will inspire and shape their lives. For Michael Caine, a Lone Ranger matinee sparked a film career of 80+ years. Weird. No wonder Madness wrote a song about him.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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