This Kindergartner’s Matter-of-Fact Valentine Has Twitter LOLing

You gotta admit that when it comes to Valentine’s Day cards, we pretty much open the same “Roses are red, violets are blue” stuff year after year. But one truly genius kid turned your typical Valentine’s Day message on its head this February 14 — and she’s going viral for it.

“My five year old daughter is writing valentines for her kindergarten class … ,” Michael Cruz Kayne wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. But instead of signing them with “Love,” or an even bolder “I love you,” Kayne’s daughter Willa bucked tradition, writing “You love me” on each and every one of them.

Honestly, if that’s not the sign of a healthy dose of self-esteem, then I don’t know what is. RIGHT ON, WILLA!

Kayne did take a moment to politely point out the error to his kindergartner, saying, “I think you may have made a mistake.”

But nope — Willa clearly knows her own mind.

“No I didn’t,” she defiantly said back. (You tell ’em, Willa!)

Naturally, Twitter was super impressed by the sassy little 5-year-old.

“Reinventing the game,” wrote Twitter user @citizenhudson — to which Willa’s dad replied, “She’s playing chess and they’re all playing checkers.”

Others marveled at her self-confidence, which is pretty on-point for a kid who’s literally just mastering her ABCs.

“I hope my own Willa can achieve this kind of confidence one day,” wrote @kayleennicks1.

“Willa for president!!!” added @ms_teem.

(LOL — but seriously, though … )

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