We’re Head Over Heels for These Newborn Mickey and Minnie Valentine’s Day Photos

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mickey and minnie valentine's day
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Can you feel the love tonight? Because we sure can. Photographer Karen Marie of Belly Beautiful Portraits has worked her Disney magic again, with an adorable newborn photo shoot that might just be her sweetest yet.

We’ve seen Marie transform the tiniest of humans into Disney villains, Disney Princesses, and characters from Peter Pan (just to name of a few). And every time we come across one of her photo shoots, we can’t help but ooh and ahh. These babies are just so cute; we can’t take it!

valentine's day
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Marie’s latest shoot features none other than the classic Disney duo Mickey and Minnie all decked out for Valentine’s Day. Not only are these babies just the most adorable, they’re all dolled up in celebration for this month of love.

Marie shares with Babble that the little ones were a mere 2 weeks old when the photos were taken. And while the babies exhibit undeniable chemistry in the pictures, they aren’t connected to each other in any way.

“Both sets of parents wanted to be part of one of my Disney shoots and it just so happened that both were born around the same time,” she explains. “When I saw those lush lashes on the baby girl, I instantly thought, ‘This is Minnie!’ Same for the little handsome guy … he was perfect for Mickey!”

mickey and minnie
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Who could argue with that logic? From the babies’ Mickey and Minnie ears to their simple Valentine’s Day accessories, we just can’t get enough. This baby girl is truly giving the Disney fashionista a run for her money — just look at her rockin’ those dots!

It comes as no surprise that these photos turned out as beautiful as they did — Marie seems to be a baby whisperer. This particular photo session was a breath of fresh air for the skilled photographer, who usually takes on multiple babies in a single shoot. The entire session took only a few hours, which Marie notes is “much shorter than the previous sessions with 6-8 babies!”

valentine's day
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Since we’ve seen this talented photographer take on so many darling Disney themes, we were dying to know the motivation behind this one.

“I had to do a photo shoot of Minnie and Mickey sooner or later!” Marie jokes. “They are the famous faces of Disney and I plan to have many more sessions with them!”

valentine's day
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

As you can imagine, Marie receives many requests for Disney-themed newborn photo shoots. “We get a ton of requests for Cinderella on her pumpkin, Belle, Jasmine, and Tiana. The Minnie and Mickey costumes are brand new to the studio and so are a few other costume sets that came in!” she says.

minnie mouse
Image source: Belly Beautiful Portraits

Marie also noted she has many more holiday-themed shoots planned for the future. We can’t wait to see what she has in store!

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