23 Midseason TV Premieres to Heat Up Your Winter Months

There was a time when winter was a nothing-new-on-TV time, but those days are long gone. January, 2014 will bring enough mid-season premieres of new and returning TV shows to keep your evenings  — and your DVRs — busy into the springtime.

American Idol will host a new crop of singers and Keeping up with the Kardashians will be possible once again. The Ghost Hunters guys will be after new spirits, and Juan Pablo steps in as The Bachelor. There are new Parks & Recreation episodes on deck, and Community, too, as well as Girls, The Fosters, and Melissa & Joey.

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do about the embarrassment of riches of this fresh TV programming in the new year. I already have more recorded shows to catch up on than I care to think about, plus the ones I watch every week, so my TV dance card really is full. I also have things like jobs and laundry that will wait for no must-see episode, no matter how must-see it may be. I still can’t see passing some of these premieres up though, especially for shows that I haven’t caught before. (Looking at you, Justified and Pretty Little Liars.)

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The need to stay current is real, though, and isn’t it kind of a job responsibility for an entertainment writer? Let’s go ahead and call it that, and I’ll move forward with some merciless DVR editing, and the cancelling of all but the most essential social engagements for a few weeks, at least, come January 1st. At least hibernating is in season.

What shows are you looking forward to checking out this winter?

Let’s look at the hottest mid-season TV premieres:  


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