Mike Rowe’s Viral Post About Traveling with His Elderly Parents Is All Too Relatable

For those of us lucky enough to still have our parents, you know sometimes the communication can get a bit, well, lost in translation. I’m not sure if it’s generational or if everyone is eventually destined to have conversations with their parents that make them want to pull their hair while simultaneously trying not to laugh.

Celebrity host and narrator Mike Rowe recently shared his experience traveling with his parents and it has everyone who’s read it nodding their heads in solidarity.

You may know Mike Rowe from his hit shows on Discovery Channel and CNN, Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It. But now he has endeared himself to thousands of fans with his recent Facebook post about a flight he took to Chicago with his parents. Rowe’s parents, John and Peggy, were apparently recovering from the flu and their doctor advised them to travel with face masks. That’s when hilarity ensued.

Mom: Michael, will it embarrass you if we wear our surgical masks on this flight?

Mike: Not if you’re performing surgery.

Dad: Don’t be a smart guy. We’re strapped into a giant Petri dish. The doctor says these masks could save our lives!

Mike: Only if your wife actually puts the mask over her nose.

The conversation only gets more hilarious from there. When Rowe’s mom complains about the mask fogging up her glasses which means she can’t see her Sudoku, the conversation quickly escalated to deadly CO2 gas.

Mike: He’s right, Mom. If you’re gonna wear the mask, you might as well wear it properly.

Mom: But if it’s over my nose, I’ll be breathing CO2. That’s a deadly gas, you know.

Dad: Good grief, Peggy, do you think the doctor would tell us to wear a mask if it were gonna kill us!

Mom: What do YOU know, John? You’ve got your string wrapped around your hearing aid!

Dad: What?

This has got to be the same conversation every child has with their parents as they age. I’m not sure if our parents get more paranoid with age or if we kids get less patient, but the results are usually comedy gold.

My conversations with my parents are either mom voice-enable texting me what to do (I’m 43 with three children) or running through a list of illnesses my kids can catch if they leave the house, according to “they.”

They say if you don’t treat that cut with two rounds of antibiotics, his arm could actually fall off. It happened to a kid in Florida. I saw it on Dateline.”

Rowe’s conversation with his parents then turns to the plane’s captain who comes over the intercom to let them know they would be taking off soon. And the funny? Well, it just keeps coming.

Here’s hoping everyone made it off the plane in one piece and germ-free. Glad to know we aren’t the only ones to experience embarrassing moments with our parents!

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