Miley and Madonna Get Unplugged, but Can They Top These Moments?

Miley and Madonna do MTV UnpluggedYou’ve got your DVR set for tonight’s MTV Unplugged episode, right? At 9:00pm ET Miley and Madonna will attempt to take it down a notch as they sing a mashup of “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop.” The show is most certainly Miley’s Unplugged, but Madonna’s guest appearance has pretty much guaranteed that more will tune in.

The first episode of MTV Unplugged aired on November 26, 1989, three years before Miley was born. (Pardon me while I go take a moment to feel very old.) On the debut episode Squeeze, Syd Straw, and Elliot Easton performed. Many credit Paul McCartney’s performance on the second season with turning the show from a hum-drum background entity into a powerhouse that could revitalize and shift careers. Paul was the first to turn his performance into an album and Unplugged – The Official Bootleg is one of the best things you will ever listen to.

When I think of Unplugged I think of turning points and revelations. It’s a moment for artists to strip down and present their authentic talent without sound boards and auto tune. It’s raw and honest. Humble.

To be honest I was just a bit worried about Miley’s performance tonight as all of the promotional materials about the show don’t indicate she will be going the traditional “toned down” route. But then I read this early review:

“Miley’s staggering vocal prowess — brace yourself for a voice that’s thick and rich like molasses, metallic and fluid like liquid mercury — and vulnerability during slow songs reveal a strong yet not undamaged human heart caged in a spiritual sanctuary. Beyond the partying and the tongue selfies and weed jokes, there’s honest-to-God pain and sorrow, love and loss, and Miley reached down and let the audience — and the light — in.”


I’ll be tuning in. I’ll also be rooting for the show to do well. For all of her antics and sideshow drama, I still believe Miley has undeniable talent. Perhaps seeing Miley and Madonna together will put some of her showmanship into perspective.

Some of my favorite MTV Unplugged Moments:

Will you be watching tonight?

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