The Father of Mindy Kaling’s Baby Is None of Our Damn Business

A few nights ago, while standing in the grocery store checkout line, my eye caught a tabloid mag with Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt on the cover. To be honest, I can’t even remember what the headline was, but I do remember rolling my eyes and thinking to myself, Are we seriously still talking about these two? They’ve both moved on, she doesn’t want him, he doesn’t want her, it’s a done deal. Oh yeah, and other people’s lives aren’t our business!

Not that it stops our curiosity in the least, of course. Case in point: Mindy Kaling, the beautiful and hilarious star of HULU’s The Mindy Project, is reportedly having her first baby, due sometime later this year.

Since the news first broke on Monday, the Internet has been having a field day. And I do mean a field day. Although Kaling has yet to confirm the rumors herself or make any official comment, there’s one thing everyone wants to know above all else, and that’s who exactly the father is. Or more precisely, if it’s B.J. Novak.

“If Mindy Kaling actually is pregnant + she doesn’t reveal the father I think we should all collectively agree to just assume/pretend it’s BJ,” wrote one Twitter user.

“We have all taken so many [losses] this past year, PLEASE universe, let BJ Novack be the father of Mindy Kaling’s baby,” wrote another.

And then there was this declaration: “Not to sound dramatic but if BJ Novak is not the father of Mindy Kaling’s baby I will no longer believe in love.”

But here’s a thought: What if we all just … calmed down a little?

Look, it’s normal to feel some initial excitement when a celeb we love has big news like a wedding or pregnancy to share. Curiosity is natural; we have questions and we want details. But according to a few insiders, this was a huge surprise to Kaling. In fact, a source told People magazine that she’s keeping the identity of the father under wraps for now by choice. So I’d wager a guess that she’s dealing with more than a few emotions right now.

Of course, withholding information makes people lose their damn minds on social media, which is why the guessing games have not stopped in the last 48 hours — with all of Twitter putting its money on Novak, her former boyfriend.

But what if just this once, we stayed out of it? What if we remembered what we would want if we were Kaling? Namely: PRIVACY.

Most of us get to settle into our pregnancies in the privacy of our own home and tell who we want, when we want. No one presses us or demands information that we don’t feel like sharing. Let’s be honest, dealing with our changing bodies and raging hormones are tough enough without paparazzi and fans going off the deep end because they feel entitled to know every last detail of her life.

Let’s all just shush already, and give Kaling and the father of her child the respect they deserve, okay? Maybe she’ll tell us when the time is right, and maybe she won’t. Maybe they’ll raise the baby together, and maybe they won’t. But the bottom line is, endlessly hypothesizing on Twitter — and freaking out over the possibility of an “Office baby” — is making us all look like fools; and I’m pretty sure it won’t lead Kaling to open up any sooner, anyway.

So in the meantime, let’s get back to what really matters: Like wondering whether Brad and Jennifer will ever get back together. (KIDDING!)

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