Two Sisters Thought This Costco Cashier Was Maui from ‘Moana’, and He Played It to a T

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A simple trip to Costco turned into something much more exciting for two sisters shopping with their mom. Any Disney fan would recognize Maui from Moana if they ran into him out in public, so it’s only fitting that sisters Ryley and Rylyn thought their check-out cashier was the real deal.

The demigod lookalike even appeased the young girls, allowing them to pose alongside him at the register while he let out Maui’s signature yell — you know just the one I’m talking about.

The girls’ mom, Rella Rivera, shared the video on YouTube, noting that each time her daughters come to Costco with her, they search for the “real life” Maui. She explains in the description of the post that, “Will, featured in this video, also does character appearances as Maui for parties and previously at Aulani Disney resort.”

Well that’s certainly not a shock — he truly looks the part!

Rivera tells Babble that she has seen other children approach him during his shift at Costco in Honolulu, Hawaii and that it’s so awesome that he chooses to stay in character for these Moana-loving kiddos. Her favorite part of the video is seeing “the reactions on their faces.” Those smiles are simply priceless.

Props to you Will! You have truly found a way to add a bit of magic into supermarket shopping!

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