This Mom Ugly-Crying After Watching ‘Me Before You’ Is All of Us

We’ve all been there: You’re completely absorbed in a dramatic movie — waiting for that happy ending — when your hopes are painfully dashed. The couple doesn’t end up together. Or somebody dies. Or worse, they both die — GAH! The next thing you know, you’ve broken down into a unexpected ugly cry and your husband is looking at you like you’ve got three heads.

Such was the case for one mom this Mother’s Day, when she decided to watch the romantic drama Me Before You at night by herself. BIG MISTAKE.

For those who don’t know, Me Before You packs an emotional punch, and it left Candice Leavitt with a lot of … feelings. Feelings that her husband Nathan couldn’t help but find a little amusing. So amusing, in fact, that he felt the need to document her mini-breakdown on camera, and share it with all of Facebook.

Nathan opens the video by describing how he was waiting for his wife to come downstairs that night so they could snuggle up together and watch a movie. Until he learned she was already watching a movie on her phone upstairs — and it was apparently one of the saddest movies of all time.

While he’s never seen Me Before You himself, Nathan quickly concluded it must be a “love story that went wrong,” because in his words, his wife was experiencing some real “next level sadness.”

“I just wanted it to have a happy ending!” Candice wails in the clip. Yep, I feel you, girl. It’s the kind of story that has no easy answers, just complicated human experiences. One that makes us reach deep into that vulnerable part of ourselves and wonder, What would I do?

Leavitt tries to comfort his wife in a soft tone, telling her, “Not all movies have happy endings” and lets her cry in his lap. But as most of us know,

Then again, this isn’t exactly the first time Candice’s gotten a little emotional over a movie. “She cries during shows all. the. time,” Nathan tells Babble.

“Get it together,” he gently teases her in the video. “I’m just so sad!” she shoots back.

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The video carries on that way — with Candice struggling to speak through cries — for several more minutes until she finally turns to discover her husband filming.

“Oh my gosh, I hate you!” she says through more tears, at which point, Nathan smiles at the camera. “I mean can you blame me?” he asks, wiping away the tears from her face and kissing her cheek.

Hey — I get it, Candice. It actually reminded me of a time I went to a movie with my husband, and was caught off-guard by a super sad plot twist that left one character dead. I ended up having a good long ugly-cry in the theater bathroom by myself as soon as the credits rolled.

See? We’ve all been there.

The video ends with Nathan pleading that his wife to not tell him what happens at the end of the movie, because he doesn’t want her to “relive it” at all.

But once her catharsis was complete, according to Nathan, she did let him post the video of her breaking down. And while he admits she’s “a little embarrassed,” she ultimately saw humor in the whole thing.

“My wife is the realest person I know so she doesn’t get super caught up in what people think of her,” Nathan adds. “It’s definitely one of the things that I, and others, love about her. She’s not afraid to be herself all the time.”

Props to Candice for hanging in there, and being a good sport about broadcasting her feelings to the Internet. Me Before You is an emotional rollercoaster — who can blame her for getting a little verklempt?

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