Mom Crochets ‘Golden Girls’ Dolls for Her Son, and Single-Handedly Wins Christmas

If there’s one thing you should probably know first about David Goodwin, it’s that he’s always been a big Golden Girls fan. Make that HUGE.

In fact, he tells Babble that he and his mom Mary used to frequently watch it together, where they would laugh over the fact that they were “both Dorothys.” (Oh man, David — SAME.) And recently, the Buffalo, New York native says his mom got an idea that was sparked by his eternal love of Dorothy and the rest of the gang.

“A few months ago, she saw someone else had shared the Golden Girls crocheted dolls on Facebook and tagged me in a post,” he shares. “I said I loved them and she said she wished she could make them. I didn’t really think anything else of them for the next couple months.”

But leading up to Christmas, David’s mom kept hinting that he was “getting something really special,” and that’s when the wheels started turning in his head …

“I am [also] a big Dolly Parton fan so I assumed it’d be tickets to Dollywood or something,” he adds. “So on Christmas Day, I opened the box and saw the Sophia doll first and instantly went crazy.” (As one does.)

I mean, can you just feast your eyes on this gloriousness … ?!

“Then she told me she knit them herself and I had to run over and give her a hug,” David continues. “I couldn’t believe she did that! It must have been taken so much time.”

It seriously must have — the dolls aren’t just adorable, they also have lots of intricate little details on them, which David noticed immediately.

“I love the details on Rose’s sweater,” he says, “Dorothy’s height, Blanche’s jewelry, and Sophia’s pose. She said they took her a month to make and from the sound of it, she was stressed! My dad jokingly said, ‘We all paid a little bit for that present.’”

Image source: David Goodwin

But ultimately, the time spent was well worth it, because Mary’s son couldn’t be more grateful.

“It is hands down the best gift I have ever received,” David tells Babble. “My mom is such a thoughtful and caring person. She puts so much energy and thought into her gift giving. She has been that way all my life. I’ll never forgot how I was 7 and my mom surprised me and my brother with *NSYNC concert tickets. We were the biggest fans ever and it was the most amazing gift.”

Okay, for real now though, Mary does sound amazing. According to David, she used to crochet prayer shawls for her church, which is what gave her some background in the craft before she took on her dolls. Still, this was her first time ever creating characters like this, and she clearly knocked it out of the park.

David adds that his mom found a knitting pattern off Etsy, which helped her create the life-like details — so if you too would like to knit yourself a pint-sized Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose, you can get your hands on the pattern right here.

Image source: David Goodwin

As for going viral after posting a photo of his gift on Twitter, David’s still kind of in awe.

“I knew my friends would love the picture so I posted on Twitter,” he explains, “[but] I NEVER expected it to go so viral. I credit it all to her! She did all the work. Everyone seems to love it and keeps asking me if my family is looking to adopt.” (Seriously, though … are they?)

“I’m so grateful for my mom!” David adds. “She makes our holidays so special.”

Mary Goodwin FTW!

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