This Hilarious Maternity Shoot Proves a Mom’s Love of Target Knows No Bounds

What do you get when you take a talented photographer, a super-duper pregnant mom, and an obsession with Target? You get the most realistic maternity photo shoot ever, that’s what.

Image Source: Heather Pippin/Inspired By A True Story Photography

When Page Miller was looking to do a maternity photo shoot recently, she called upon her friend Heather Pippin of Inspired By A True Story Photography — who quickly had the brilliant idea to set it in Target, Miller’s favorite store. The hilarious results have quickly gone viral over the last week (for obvious reasons).

In the photos, Miller and her daughter Avery can be seen having a ball while they check out baby clothes, play with toys, and even sip some coffee on a display sofa. (You know, all the regular stuff that happens when you take kids to Target.)

Image Source: Heather Pippin/Inspired By A True Story Photography

Miller wanted the photos to be real and capture their quirky personalities. But the timing of the shoot — as well as her pregnancy — holds far greater significance to the mom-to-be. A few months ago, tragedy struck the Miller family when their 3-month-old baby Clarke passed away from SIDS on his sister Avery’s birthday. In many ways, sharing the photos as well as Clarke’s story with others has been helping Miller heal.

“The fact that our son Clarke was about to be a part of it means the world to me,” Miller tells Babble. “Having his story out there and to spread awareness of SIDS … and life after losing a child is so important to me.” Miller adds that she shares his story with everyone, everywhere she goes, in the hopes of keeping his memory alive.

The photo shoot also features a particularly special image of Superman that holds special meaning for the Miller family.

Image Source: Heather Pippin/Inspired By A True Story Photography

“The Superman logo is everywhere in our house and life,” explains Miller, “And I hope with his story the Superman logo becomes a light for others, too. When I’m having a bad day or Avery is really fussy that day, it never fails — I look over and the Superman logo catches my eye … on someone’s shirt … on a bumper sticker on a cart … on a toy, etc. It really helps me [think], “Okay … you’re here … I see what your trying to say … ‘Hey mom, it’s gonna be alright take a deep breath.’ I smile, regroup, and am able to move on with a happier more positive attitude!”

Are you teary-eyed yet? Because I am!

“The shoot was for fun [but] quickly turned into something more while we were there, especially once we found the Superman shirts,” Miller tells Babble. “We really wanted to make it a shout out to all moms! We’re all just trying to make it through our Target trips with a crazy toddler while being super huge pregnant.”

Pippin tells Babble that the reactions to the photo shoot so far have been overwhelmingly positive, with most people thinking it was “funny and entertaining.” But the person who got the biggest kick out of the shoot? Avery, Miller’s daughter. “That’s all I wanted, [and] she had a lot of fun,” says Pippin.

And if you’re wondering whether any customers raised an eyebrow or two during the photo shoot, Pippin says nope.

“Nobody really said anything to us,” she shares. “We treated it as a routine trip to Target and we’re as discrete as possible to not bother business and to be respectful.”

Still, Miller admits that taking her toddler to Target isn’t always such a breeze. After all, shopping with kids in general can be pretty trying for even the most seasoned moms.

“Trips with kiddos can be a handful and stressful but I have to constantly remind myself that she’s only a little kid,” she shares. “She will be 3 next month. All she wants to do is have fun.”

Image Source: Heather Pippin/Inspired By A True Story Photography

And it looks like that afternoon in Target will not soon be forgotten by little Avery.

“Even at her young age she is still talking about how much fun she had that day with mom,” Miller shares. “When we go to the store now she will be like, ‘Remember when we had cheeseeeee balllllls IN the store?!'”

Image Source: Heather Pippin/Inspired By A True Story Photography

Congrats to the Miller family on their beautiful expanding family — and for staging one of the most fun and creative maternity shoots ever.

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