This Mom Who Staged Her Maternity Photos Inside Taco Bell Deserves a Slow Clap

Okay I’ll be honest. I never did a “maternity” photo shoot. My belly pics were all taken by my husband or kids, usually in my kitchen, in an old sweatshirt with spaghetti stains on it. I’ve always looked at professionally done photo shoots and wondered how on earth they made that happen. The hair. The makeup. The crisp fall background with pumpkins and foliage. Or a spring garden full of roses and lilies. And some have other kids in there too! And THEY are all dressed up in suspenders and tights and kissing Mommy’s giant belly. So cute. But so not realistic for this gal.

However, THIS maternity photo shoot is one I can really get behind. Or in front of. Whatever. It involves food, so really either.

It all came about when Roswell, GA mom Kristin Johnston, pregnant with her second child, decided she wanted to capture the true essence of her pregnancy. Beach shot? Nah. Floral background? Pass. What she truly remembers most about this pregnancy, and what she wanted her pictures to focus around, is her love for Taco Bell.

“I guess you could say that I wanted something a little different, something spicier — and that showed me in my natural state,” Johnston shares on her blog Stroller and Stilettos.

So that’s where she and photographer friend Kelly Daniels went to take the pictures. Johnston took the gig quite seriously, however. I mean, look these shots. I haven’t looked this glamorous since my wedding day, so I certainly have never graced a Taco Bell with such fanciness. But these ARE her maternity pics, after all. So she dolled it up in a gorg red dress, flowing locks, and makeup done to perfection.

Kristin Johnston
Image Source: Kristin Johnston/Kelly Daniels Cosmic Creative

The duo took pics inside and outside the restaurant, with the traditional “maternity” poses, lovingly stroking the protruding belly, looking down in wonderment that the life growing inside of her (a life that maybe, just maybe, loves a chalupa now and then), and of course, action shots.

Kristin Johnston
Image Source: Kristin Johnston/Kelly Daniels Cosmic Creative

Of course, no Taco Bell photo shoot would be complete without a plate full of tacos with hot sauce, and a delicious beverage to wash it all down. So that’s just what this beautiful (and hungry) mama did. The pictures are actually quite breathtaking. And they’ll make you hungry.

Kristin Johnston
Image Source: Kristin Johnston/Kelly Daniels Cosmic Creative

When it comes to maternity shoots, things like a waterfall background and a flowing dress in a meadow are great ideas. But most likely, you’re hungry the whole time that the photographer is snapping your pics. So this idea kills two birds with one stone — and I think it’s amazing. I wish I had thought of this back in my pregnancy days. My primary cravings were bacon cheeseburgers and chips. Man, when I think of what I could have created at a 5 Guys. A missed opportunity!

Kristin is happy to share with Babble that her baby “arrived on Friday 1/5/18! I was feeling well enough to go home on Saturday afternoon, but not before stopping by Taco Bell on the way!”

Wishing Kristin all the luck in the world with her new Taco Bell-loving baby! And thanks a lot, girlfriend, because now I’m suddenly craving a burrito…

Article Posted 10 months Ago

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