This Company Will Send You Baked Goods Every Month, Just in Time for Your Period

I hate to live up to stereotypes about a lady’s time of the month — but honestly, when PMS gobsmacks me, I really do want to plow through bags of chips or pans of brownies. It’s like an invisible magnetic pull that drags me toward carbs almost against my will.

Enter Moon Cycle Bakery. With subscriptions starting after December 15th, thanks to the success of a Kickstarter campaign, the company will be shipping care packages filled with brownie treats to your door — right at the beginning of your period.

According to the founders, Moon Cycle Bakery operates from a period tracking app that you download to your iPhone or Android, and is “the first ever period tracker with an e-commerce element.”

Here’s how they say it works:

“Every month, you will be able to track your period, pick your package, confirm your order, change your treats up, skip a month (free of charge) or cancel your subscription altogether. You will also be able to make one-time orders from the app as well as receive notifications when you’re entering into your crave-inducing time + when your package is due to ship.”

The idea is pretty brilliant. Just think: You can use your smartphone to accurately predict your menstrual cycle via a tracker, which tells the bakery when to ship you a box of brownies. And if you’re anything like me, then you’re probably the last one to know that you’re PMSing (just ask my poor husband!)

The smart folks at Moon Cycle Bakery explain how this all fits in with their core beliefs:

“The days of resenting our cycle are over,” they say on their website. “We want your Moon Cycle treat to serve as a quiet reminder for you to celebrate the art of being a woman, rather than wish it away. Because at the end of the day, you deserve to rest, replenish, and recognize the moon dust that lives inside of your bones.”

With decadent flavors like matcha coconut bites, raspberry black bean brownies with primrose (this sounds wicked fancy you guys), and chocolate cup sweetened with ginger and honey, it might be hard to decide what to order.

No worries, though: You can choose from three basic subscriptions. The “full moon” allows you to mix and match three treats for $30. The “half moon” gives you the option of “one for now and one later – or both, at the same (no judgment)!” for a cool $23. Or the “crescent moon,” which is one treat for $15.

Yet truthfully, I think the images and descriptions (not to mention those prices!) are a bit reminiscent of GOOP. I might be a huge fan of carbs when my time of the months rages through my hormone-fueled body — but I think I’m more of a $1 moon pie from the convenience store kind of girl.

h/t: Mashable

Article Posted 9 months Ago

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