Most Awesome Mom Ever Recreates Harry Potter’s Cupboard Under the Stairs

When I was young, some of my favorite childhood memories include holing up in my room for hours upon hours and getting lost in the pages of Harry Potter. Like most kids who grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, I waited years — in vain — for my letter from Hogwarts to come.

And while I needed nothing more than the book in my hands and my imagination to sweep me up and transport me from my bedroom straight to Professor Snape’s classroom, it would have been awesome to have a space to curl up in that was inspired by the books.

Which is why I find it so badass that one mom went above and beyond to recreate the Cupboard Under the Stairs from 4 Privet Drive right in her very own home, as a space where her sons can hang out and — you guessed it — read Harry Potter.

Courtney Bonnet, a children’s librarian and mom of two boys from Pennsylvania, had been house hunting last year when her realtor showed her and her husband their current home. Initially unimpressed, she was eventually sold when she realized what she could do with the crawl space under the stairs — turn it into a room fit for Harry Potter himself, of course.

Image Source: Courtney Bonnet
Image Source: Courtney Bonnet

“I first noticed it when we came to an open house last year but I wasn’t crazy about the rest of the house,” Bonnet told BuzzFeed. “Our realtor brought us back again because my husband loved the house. He convinced me but only after agreeing I could turn the space into a Harry Potter-themed room.”

And boy did she.

To start, Bonnet used pages from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as wallpaper to line the walls (but don’t worry, she only used pages from damaged books, not ones that had been in good condition). She then added posters from the movies, a Harry Potter chest, a Sorting Hat, books, pillows, and more. From start to finish, the project took eight days and nights to complete but will be a work in progress.

Image Source: Courtney Bonnet
Image Source: Courtney Bonnet
Image Source: Courtney Bonnet
Image Source: Courtney Bonnet
Image Source: Courtney Bonnet
Image Source: Courtney Bonnet

“I just love Harry Potter and books and reading,” Bonnet explained. “I am pretty crafty and handy around the house so I figured why not? What kid wouldn’t want their own secret room?”

Um, what adult wouldn’t want their own secret Harry Potter reading room, amiright?!

Of course, Bonnet’s sons are loving the space. According to the proud mom, they enjoy playing hide-and-seek with their friends and she’s looking forward to reading the series with them in the room one day.

And as for all the attention the room has received on social media? Bonnet told Babble that she is “totally shocked”:

“It is amazing and wonderful that so many people are excited about something that came from a book. Harry Potter is a big part of my life as a fan and a librarian and anything that brings attention to reading and literacy is great with me! I’m sure my family and friends will have a fun time ringing in the New Year in the cupboard!”

Well, accio Firebolt! Sounds like I’m hightailing it to Pennsylvania for New Year’s.

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