Movies About America: 50 Movies for 50 States

American Movies: 50 States and 50 Movies

The writers at TimeOut Chicago have really outdone themselves with their newest project — 50 States, 50 Films. To celebrate America this month, they compiled a list of fifty iconic movies about America to watch. Each movie can be associated with a different state, creating a cinematographic atlas of our great nation.

The journey is alphabetical and begins with a state I am very familiar with, Alabama. TimeOut selects an obvious classic with To Kill a Mockingbird. California’s selection was a surprising entry. TimeOut offers the Roman Polanski directed Chinatown as the representative. David Fear of TimeOut says he selected the film because it, “tears the scab off California dreamin’: an L.A. detective story that exposes what lies beneath our go-west idealism, while simultaneously evoking nostalgia for the Golden State’s sunny facade.”

Navigating through the collection is a bit of a sport. Before I advanced each slide I would ask my Mother what she thought the film from the next state would be.

Me: “Can you guess what the film from Ohio is?”
My Mom: “um?”
Me: “GUESS!”
My Mom: “How many more states are there?”
Me: “It’s alphabetical. We are on O! Ohio!”
My Mom: “Can’t you just tell me?”
Me: “Where’s the fun in that?”
My Mom: “This is fun?
Me: “You don’t have a guess?”
My Mom: “Is it Goodbye Columbus?”
Me: ” NO!!! It’s American Splendor!”
My Mom: “I’m going to another room.”

Check out 50 American films, 50 states: One iconic movie for each state on TimeOut Chicago.

*Note: My mother would like me to inform you that she guessed China Syndrome as the film from the great state of California and while she was not correct she would still like you to know she had a very good guess.

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