This ‘Moana’-Inspired Parody Represents Every Overdue Mom-to-Be

I haven’t been able to get Moana’s ballad “How Far I’ll Go” out of my head since the movie debuted back in November — and now I’ll be humming this mom-to-be’s version all weekend long.

Mom of soon-to-be five girls Danielle Murray is officially way past her April 17th due date with nothing but time to kill. So, why not film an entire music video devoted to this uncomfortable period of time? The Murray family’s parody “How Long I’ll Go” is super relatable and equally hilarious.

With perfect lyrics like, “I’ve been staring at the edge of my belly, long as I can remember. I’ve been pregnant all my life,” and “I wish I could meet this perfect daughter, but I cannot break my water, no matter how hard I try,” hits the nail right on the head.

Murray tells Babble:

“Every pregnant woman can relate to the last month feeling like 9 months in and of itself … My four other girls came early and so even making it to my due date felt like an eternity.”

The music video showcases numerous situations pregnant mamas have experienced. From not being able to paint her own toes to enviously glaring at her sleeping husband while she can’t even find a comfortable position, this video could not be more real.

“I loved being able to be lighthearted about being so far overdue instead of miserable and complaining about it,” Murray notes. That’s certainly a great way to think about it!

Good luck Danielle, we hope you don’t have long to go!

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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