My 4-Year-Old Talks About Going to the Movies with His Grandmother

W and Lolly This last weekend my family piled into our family car and went to a family movie: The Lego Movie. My family consists of three people: my 60-something-year-old mother, myself, and my four- (AND A HALF!) year-old son. One of my son’s favorite things to declare is that we are going to do something,”as a family.” This means we eat pancakes as a family, we brush our teeth as a family, we sing in the car as a family, and sometimes we go to the movies as a family.

When I was growing up my grandparents took me to exactly two movies in the theater: ET and Annie. Sure, we watched some movies on the betamax or on TV, but if we were gathering around the TV “as a family,” chances are the SEC and the University of Alabama football team were involved.

I suppose it is rare to find movies that the entire family can truly enjoy. When you have a family with young kids, you have to start there and work your way up with points. The young guy will give you two gold stars for being animated, you’ll get a few gold stars from me if your pop culture references are spot on, and if you can manage to tie it up into a story that is entertaining you’ll win my mom over. See? Easy.

Going to the movies with your grandmother…what’s that really like?

I asked my son, W, to tell me about it. W calls his grandmother Lolly.

Me: Do you like going to see movies with Lolly?
W: Huh?
Me: I am interviewing you.
W: What’s an interview?
Me: I am going to ask you some questions and then include them in my article.
W: Will I get a treat?
Me: uh … no?
W: *blinks*
Me: Let’s just talk? Ok? So. First question. Do you like to go to the movies with Lolly?
W: Yes.
Me: Why?
W: I just do.
Me: I was hoping for something a bit more elaborate.
W: What’s elaborate?
Me: Okay, can you tell me WHY you and Lolly like to go see movies in the theater?
W: We also watch movies at home.
Me: Yes, I know, but that is not what this interview is about.
W: Can I have a snack?
Me: SNACKS! Do you like the snacks at the movies?
W: Popcorn! We eat all the popcorn.
Me: Does Lolly share popcorn?
W: No.
Me: Wait, what? She doesn’t share?
W: No. I get my OWN popcorn!!
Me: Wow. That is awesome.
(dance and song break moment to The Lego Movie theme song, “Everything Is Awesome”)

Me: That was awesome.
W: I know.
Me: So, when you go to the movies with Lolly you get your own popcorn.
W: And when I get tired I can sit on her lap and go to sleep.
Me: What is your favorite part of being at the movies with Lolly?
W: When Lolly is laughing.
Me: That is sweet. Do You guys talk about the movie afterwards?
Me: The store?
W: LEGOS!!!!!
Me: Right. It sounds like you guys really liked the new Lego Movie. What was your favorite part?
W: When the guy said, “Wait up!” And when Batman said, “Butt.”
Me: What was Lolly’s favorite part?
W: Um … I think she liked the Star Wars people
Me: Do you have anything else to say about going to the movies with Lolly? Do you think kids should go to the movies with their grandmothers?
W: Yes. All the time. Every day. And then brush their teeth.

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