Moms Remake AC/DC Song into Epic Breastfeeding Anthem “You Nursed Me All Night Long”

Last week was World Breastfeeding Week, and the ladies of MYLF (Mothers You’d Like to Friend) celebrated in the best way possible — with a nursing version of AC/DC’s classic “All Night Long.”

In their parody, “Nursed Me (All Night Long),” the ladies sing about the many virtues (and downsides) of breastfeeding, with lines like:

Needed no applause, I’m just another course

Make a meal out of me, wants more more more

Had to drain me down to take another round

She eats like a pig and takes another swig

Cause the milk starts making, baby starts waking

My nipples start aching and you start taking it 

And you, nurse me all night long

Yeah you, nurse me all night long

Masha Sapron told TODAY Parents that she started the MYLF web series to spark conversation around the struggles of motherhood as well as to make moms laugh. And it was especially important to her that they do something to support World Breastfeeding Week because of the ongoing controversies surrounding breastfeeding moms and the isolation they often feel.

“Latch problems, milk supply problems — it’s actually not that easy for many new moms when they first bring their babies home,” Sapron told TODAY Parents. “There are so many mysteries surrounding breastfeeding and it can be so hard, for the first few weeks at least, for new moms. It’s invaluable to have women openly talking about it and supporting each other through that.”

The best part of this video — and the part that will have people talking the most — is that it features real moms nursing real babies. Yes, nipples and all. In addition to her MYLF co-members Cat Deakins, Maggie Grove, Larissa Hahn, and Kelly Pendygraft, Sapron enlisted the help of other breastfeeding moms who would be willing to nurse on camera.

“We know that seeing things helps desensitize those things,” Sapron explains. “Seeing breastfeeding helps those who are put off by breastfeeding become desensitized to it … we should not have to wear a shawl of shame over an infant when we are in public.”

While we certainly know that there is a woman behind every mom, the rest of the world hasn’t always caught on to that. Which is why MYLF has always aimed to show the many sides to “mom.”

“MYLF’s goal has always been to make moms laugh at the hard stuff,” says Sapron. “Women can be funny and sexy and be themselves — even while they are lactating. We have many, many sides, and one of them is being a mommy.”

h/t: TODAY Parents

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