Naomi Watts Looks Just Like a Princess in “Diana” Trailer

A trailer released this week for Diana, the upcoming film about the last two years of Princess Diana’s life, gives viewers a taste of Naomi Watts in the title role, along with Naveen Andrews, formerly of Lost.

Trailers only give you enough to suck you into a film, of course, and I’ve seen some great ones in my life that haven’t led to fantastic movie-watching experiences. Still, this one got me. It’s clear in two minutes that Naomi Watts inhabits the role. There’s a spot at 1:06 where she ducks her head and laughs and the resemblance to Diana in countless photographs where she made the exact gesture is eerie. 


The film focuses on Diana’s relationship with Hasnat Khan, a Pakistani heart surgeon. She reportedly dated Khan from 1995 to 1997, before connecting with Dodi Al Fayed, who died alongside her in a Paris car crash. September’s Vanity Fair features a cover story about Diana’s relationship with Khan, describing him as the love of her life, who ended their relationship because of cultural conflicts and concerns about living a life in the public eye.

I am one of those people who remembers just where I was on August 31, 1997 — sitting stunned in my car at a red light, when it was announced on the car radio that Diana had died. I was a little girl who got up super early to watch her get married, and kept tabs on her as she went from seemingly fairytale princess, to divorced mother of two little princes, to a global advocate for children and the poor. I admit that I still feel disbelief that she died so young, and sadness that she died so painfully. It is a bit eerie to see her on magazine covers, and even more so brought to life on screen, but I admit that I’m hoping for a positive film-watching experience when Diana is released in the U.S. this fall.
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Image credit: Wikimedia Commons; YouTube

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