This Holiday-Themed “Wine Train” Was Made for Christmas-Lovers Everywhere

Image Source: Napa Valley Wine Train

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells … Frosty the Snowman … Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer … You name the holiday song, and chances are it’ll be blasting sometime today from my kitchen. Or my car. (And yes, I know Thanksgiving hasn’t even hit yet, but I’d honestly play it all year if my family let me.) I come from a long line of women who live for Christmas and we make no apologies for it. So when I heard there was a Christmas-themed “Santa Train” that includes WINE for adults, my ears immediately perked up.

Picture it: Santa Claus, Christmas tunes, fun games, freshly baked cookies, and a glass of vino (or a mug of hot cocoa for the kids). Sounds pretty perfect, no?

It’s all possible thanks to Napa Valley Wine Train in California, which typically caters to the 21 and over crowd, but starting November 18, will be offering family-friendly rides for Christmas-lovers everywhere.

Image Source: Napa Valley Wine Train

Want to know more? According to a press release obtained by Babble:

“Guests of the Santa Trains will embark on an interactive and musical journey from the train station to Santa’s workshop in the North Pole with the conductor, Santa and some of his holiday friends, with magical wristbands and a smartphone app available to enhance the trip. Rumor has it Jolly the Bear was accidentally left behind at the train station and needs the children’s help to make it back to Santa’s workshop to be finished in time for Christmas Day and achieve his lifelong dream — to become an official Santa Train Conductor Bear.”

And just wait — it gets better.

“Once the children reach the North Pole,” the press release continues, “they will be given a toy Jolly Bear ornament as a special thank you for their help. Santa and Jolly the Bear will hand out toy bears and fairy friends will collect letters to Santa. A photo booth and social media station is available at the train station for passengers to capture and share their memories.”

But here’s the best part of all: In the spirit of giving this holiday season, the Napa Valley Wine Train has partnered with Ticket to Dream Foundation, which provides support for foster children, to invite local foster kids aboard the Santa Trains free of charge. Also, guests of the trains may donate new, unwrapped toys to be donated to local foster children in need.

Image Source: Napa Valley Wine Train

This partnership represents what our country (and the holiday season) is truly all about. According to the company, the Napa Valley Wine Train celebrates our nation’s history by echoing “the glory days of train travel, with fine dining service, multi-course meals cooked to order, Napa Valley scenery, and ultimate relaxation aboard exquisitely restored antique rail cars.” And the Ticket to Dream Foundation is dedicated year-round to creating enriching life experiences for local foster kids — from trips to the zoo and help in school to therapy and other vital support services.

So if you’re in the Napa Valley area (or are in desperate need of a little pre-holiday getaway), why not book a ride on the Santa Train and enjoy a 1.5 hour ride that embodies all that the holiday truly means? And if a bottle of Napa’s finest ends up in your big mom purse by the end of the night … that’s not a bad thing, either.

Choo-choo! Happy riding!

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