Natalie Portman Always Looks Cute

In a new interview in Marie Claire, Natalie Portman reveals a few interesting things. First and foremost, she tells us that her Thor co-star, Chris Hemsworth, is “one of the greatest people in Hollywood. He’s the kind of actor who’s so charismatic, he must be tired when he goes home.” I knew it. I just knew it. Chris Hemsworth is wonderful and has good judgment. (I don’t know about Liam.)

She also revealed that she belongs to a wonderful baby group in LA where the mothers all donated breast milk to one of the parents who adopted a baby. (Celebrities. They’re just like us!)

Next year, her husband is taking a job with the Paris Opera Ballet (they met collaborating on Black Swan), so she’ll be leaving LA to live in Paris. She hates to leave California, but she’s not complaining. “I’m really lucky. When Ben asked me if I wanted to go to Paris, I freaked. Everyone dreams of living in Paris.” Portman speaks passable French.

Harvard graduate Natalie Portman is 32. She’s married, has a baby, and has appeared in over 30 feature films. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, and she hasn’t gone off the rails like so many child actors end up doing. Way to be.

What I love best about her is how adorable she is. I respect her as a grown up woman. But just look how cute she is!

  • Natalie Portman Looks Cute Doing Everything 1 of 12
  • Yawning 2 of 12
    Natalie Portman lets out a massive yawn in between takes on the set of "Friends with Benefits"

    I can has cheezburger?

  • Hugely Pregnant 3 of 12
    MUM TO BE! A camera shy Natalie Portman, pregnant with her first child, hides behind her fur hooded trenchcoat while out and about in Tribeca

    I've seen a lot of hugely pregnant people, myself included. It's not something I usually describe as gamine. But Natalie's face framed by a furry hood is irresistible.

  • Blinking 4 of 12
    Natalie Portman at the New York premiere of the ballet movie "Black Swan"

    Natalie, caught mid-blink, still looks lovely. I see this and I don't think "throw-away photo." I think, "I finally get to see her eyelids!"

  • Walking with Baby Carrier 5 of 12
    Natalie Portman carries her son Aleph in a Baby Bjorn carrier as she and fiance Benjamin Millepied are spotted out and about in Santa Monica

    With husband Ben and baby Aleph, Natalie hoists her baby onto her tiny tummy and strides purposefully into the future.

  • Ice Skating 6 of 12
    Natalie Portman films scenes at the Wollman Rink in Central Park for her new movie "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits"

    You put anyone else in that color of scarf, with that frizzed-out hair and push them onto a skating rink in mannish iceboots and they will not look cute at all. Natalie does. Probably because she is otherworldly.

  • Ducking Into a Limo 7 of 12
    Natalie Portman is seen leaving the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris

    That profile! That rain coat! Those dainty fingers! I would hang this in an expensive frame on my wall and call it art.

  • Walking With Her Dad 8 of 12
    Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman seen walking with her father Dr. Avner Hershlag near her home in Los Angeles

    What a good, appropriately-dressed daughter. Portman credits her parents for raising her with unconditional love and supporting her in everything.

  • Schlepping a Dog 9 of 12
    Natalie Portman carries her pooch Whiz as she arrives at LAX with husband Benjamin Millepied carrying their baby son Aleph

    I've never seen anyone schlep a dog so cutely.

  • Covering Her Face 10 of 12
    Newlywed Natalie Portman covers her face as she is spotted out and about with a friend in Los Angeles

    There's no need to cover your face, beautiful angel. But if you must, let it be with grace, a citron blouse, and charming boyfriend jeans.

  • Walking the Dog 11 of 12
    Natalie Portman goes hiking with her pooch Whiz in Los Feliz

    Just an adorable little lady taking an adorable little doggie out for a walk. I would buy both of these stuffed animals.

  • Pumping Gas 12 of 12
    Natalie Portman wears a Fleetwood Mac shirt and short shorts as she pumps gas in Los Angeles

    Thanks for ruining pumping gas for the rest of us you adorable manic pixie!

Photo Source: Pacific Coast News
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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