NBC’s Jenna Wolfe Opens Twitter Account for New Daughter

jenna-wolfeA baby’s first week is busy in 2013: Breathe, eat, sleep, cry … oh, and establish a social media presence.

If you’re Harper Estelle Wolfeld-Gosk, that last bit is true. Harper’s moms — Today Show correspondent Jenna Wolfe and and NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk — created her Twitter account, @harperestelle, just three days after her August 22nd arrival.

Harper’s first order of business? Being born. Which mom Stephanie announced:

Other updates so far have included her first doctor’s appointment, and today’s play date with NBC News correspondent Erica Hill. With two moms in the business, it’s no surprise that she’s already attracting some high-powered media friends.

She’s already accumulated nearly 5,300 followers, which isn’t too shabby for a person who can’t yet type unassisted, but she still has a long way to go to match mom Wolfe’s almost 58,300 (Gosk will be a little bit easier to beat, with just over 12,000.)

Wolfe, who manages the account on Harper’s behalf, told that giving her new daughter a platform seemed like the thing to do:

I just felt like opening a Twitter account for her would give her a little voice in the loud world of social media. Didn’t know if anyone would follow her tweets, but I figured she’d have at least two loyal followers — her mother and me. Turns out, she’s pretty funny. Guess it was all that amniotic fluid.

Spoken like a true journalist and proud mom.

Wolfe says @harperestelle is around for the long haul:

She’ll have that account up and running until she’s old enough to do it herself,” Jenna said. “It will be a humorous approach to life, advice for moms (“I think 50 iPhone pictures of my face is enough for one day”), keen observations (“What’s the deal with my belly button?”), and general thoughts and questions (“Why do you two ladies spend so much time grocery shopping when breast milk is so good?!”)

Follow baby Harper @harperestelle (and don’t forget to retweet).

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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