Neil Patrick Harris Has A Pre-Emmys Google Hang

Neil Patrick Harris in a Pre Emmys Google Hangout

Earlier today, a Dolce & Gabbana-clad Neil Patrick Harris joined Laura Hertzfeld of Entertainment Weekly and 200+ fans in a Google hangout. The host of the upcoming Emmy Awards show had lots of energy and seemed happy to answer every question sent his way.

One of the first questions Neil answered was what can we expect from him as host this weekend. He guarantees we can expect him to dance. Neil explained that there will be a huge dance number. He then alluded to the choreographer award. This is the first year the award will be presented on the live broadcast, as opposed to given out during the Creative Arts Emmys, which happens days before the televised show. All of the nominees have teamed up to choreograph one big number for Neil.

Neil was asked what his Broadway future looked like, and he shared the dates of his next show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. You can see Neil perform as Hedwig, a transgender German singer, at the Belasco Theatre from April 22nd through October of 2014. Neil said he is looking forward to channelling his “inner Bowie.”

A fan writes in and asks Neil, “what is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you in film or TV?” Neil immediately goes off into how hard it was to act with the Smurfs because you essentially have to commit to being angry with a dot, which isn’t even a thing at all, according to Neil.

The most passionate moments with Neil were when he spoke about acting. He is not opposed to his children (his kids with long time partner David Burtka were born in 2010) getting into show-business, but it would have to be because they asked for it. He would never “put them” into the business. If they decide they want to do it because they are familiar with it, he won’t stop them.

As far as advice to someone wanting to break into acting, he has some solid advice: “Take as many jobs as you can get. I have been witness to people who thought they were better than the jobs they were offered which just leads to bitterness and not working. Work a lot if you want to act: do little theatre gigs, do commercials, or student films. Because you never know what person is going to be the connection that gets you the next job and thats how the business tends to work.”

If you ever needed another reason to love Neil Patrick Harris, there is this: Neil says if he could never do acting again, he would be a puppeteer.

We can’t wait to see what you are going to do this weekend, Neil!

Watch Neil in his Google hangout:

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