Netflix Just Debuted the New ‘Magic School Bus’ Trailer, and Fans Everywhere Are Freaking Out

Back in January, ’90s kids everywhere rejoiced when news was announced that a Magic School Bus reboot was really happening, thanks to Netflix. And then in February, when it was leaked that Kate McKinnon would voice the beloved Ms. Frizzle, we officially freaked out. Because … well, it’s KATE MCKINNON!

Get ready to freak out once again, though, people — because Netflix just released the first trailer for the Magic School Bus reboot today, and it is filled with all sorts of nostalgic awesomeness.

The 2017 reboot features a whole new gang of schoolkids who are pumped to learn about the world around us. And as it turns out, the news that McKinnon would be voicing Ms. Frizzle was only kinda true: In fact, the trailer opens with the original Ms. Frizzle — voiced by the incomparable Lily Tomlin — handing over the keys to the big yellow bus to her younger sister, Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle.

“You’re going to have great new adventures, class,” the OG Ms. Frizzle declares, as she literally tosses the keys in the air to her little sis.

And by the looks of things — she’s certainly right. The trailer gives fans a sneak peek at all the cool field trips the kids have ahead of them, from submarine trips down to the bottom of the ocean to missions into outer space. The theme song has even gotten an upgrade, now sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Mark your calendars: Season 1 of The Magic School Bus Rides Again is set to debut on Netflix Friday, September 29 — and you might just love it as much as your kids.

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