New Dancing with the Stars Cast Revealed: OMG ’80s Stars!

This morning ABC revealed the all new cast of Dancing with the Stars. I am going to confess to you right now that I didn’t recognize several of the names. This is also where I will confess to you that some of the names made me cheer like a kid. The reason for my unbridled enthusiasm was because so many of the stars on the new cast were stars from the ’80s!

The cast is solidly split between professional athletes, TV stars, pop stars I have never heard of, and …

Billy Dee Williams.

This year the show will be different from seasons past. Erin Andrews from Fox Sports will be replacing Brooke Burke-Charvet as cohost with the likable Tom Bergeron. USA Today reports another big change will be a partner switch during the season, with executive producer Conrad Green reasoning, “You have to change things every so often to keep them fresh.”

I usually tune in for the first episode to see everyone before they’ve gone fancy feet on me, but with so many professional athletes in this cast, I worry the TV stars will be left in the dust. Can Billy Dee really compete with Olympic ice skaters? He needs us to tune in and cheer him on. Heck, all of the ’80s stars and TV celebs need our encouragement because I have a feeling the learning curve is not going to be in their favor.

Let’s take a look at some of the cast and see why you should root for them.

  • Cast for Dancing with the Stars Revealed 1 of 9
    All New Dancing With the Stars Cast

    Let's find out who we will soon be seeing in sequins and spandex!

  • Danica McKellar 2 of 9

    ZOMG! It's Winnie! From The Wonder Years! Danica is also a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA and serious champion of math. She has written several books, her most popular being Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail. Of COURSE we love her because she was Winnie, but it's great that she has done so much for girls and STEM. The big question is whether or not her skills in counting will help her with dancing...

  • Candace Cameron Bure 3 of 9

    D.J. was my favorite on Full House, partly because we had the same initials, but mostly because she was the practical kid in the house. Candace Cameron Bure (on the right in this photo), has continued to star in made-for-TV movies and published Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose last December. 

  • Billy Dee Williams 4 of 9

    You guys ... LANDO is going to dance. Seriously. I am so excited to see Billy Dee Williams on this show. 

  • Drew Carey 5 of 9

    I am curious to see how funny guy and game show host Drew Carey will perform on the show. Will he laugh his way through or will he be a serious contender? I have a feeling Drew will be one to watch. I've seen him in old episodes of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and there is lots of movement in the show — that could translate into dance moves! 

  • NeNe Leakes 6 of 9

    NeNe has been brilliant using her rise to celeb status from reality shows to land gigs on TV shows like Glee and The New Normal. She is also the author of Never Make the Same Mistake Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned the Hard Way. She strikes me as someone who will take the dancing very seriously and will work hard to excel. Goodness knows her rehearsal videos will be fun to watch!

  • Meryl Davis and Charlie White 7 of 9

    Can you imagine the look on the rest of the cast's faces when they found out Meryl Davis and Charlie White were going to join them?! Whomp whomp. These guys are going to have to be PERFECT to succeed. So far their only handicap is that they won't be dancing with each other. 

  • James Maslow 8 of 9

    Hold on, I just need to look at this guy's lashes for a little bit longer ... okay, I'm back. James Maslow. You look lovely but until this morning I didn't know who you were. Now I know you were on a kids show about a band (Big Time Rush) on Nickelodeon. I also know you consider yourself one of those triple-threat performers able to sing, act, and DANCE. Now ... back to those lashes.

  • Cody Simpson 9 of 9

    Here's the jaw-dropping fact I learned about Australian pop star, Cody Simpson. HE WAS BORN IN 1997! I love that the official bio that was released for him via ABC leads with the number of Twitter followers he has (over 6.4 million in case you were wondering). This kid used to tour with the Biebs so before he even gets on stage, we know he's got serious fans. Watch out Billy Dee. OMG, watch out!

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