New Reason to Buy a Gown in 2014: The People Magazine Awards

People Magazine AwardsIf there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there simply are not enough award shows happening. (No? Just me?) I get pretty giddy about award shows: The Academy Awards, The Tonys, The Emmys, The MTV Video Music Awards. These shows create a soup of excitement of “what will they wear,” flawless makeup, and celebrities speaking off the cuff. I get to enjoy it all while sitting on my sofa in my jammies and dining on takeout.

In 2014 there will be a new awards show to enjoy: The People Magazine Awards. Produced by Dick Clark Productions, in partnership with NBC, the awards show will focus less on rewarding works of art, and more on celebrating great moments of the year. Variety is reporting categories for the show will include, “Biggest Phenomenon of 2014, Year’s Most Popular Person, The Most Stylish Person, Funniest Person, Sexiest Woman of 2014.”

Paul Telegdy, president of alternative and late-night programming at NBC, shares, “There is no better barometer of the cultural events and top personalities of the world than People magazine. This awards show will bring to light all who have broken through the clutter to make their voices heard throughout the year.”

What excites me about this show is the potential it has for celebrating the every man, as much as it does for shining a spotlight on an actual celebrity. People magazine is outstanding at covering human interest stories, and it will be pretty special to possibly see a hero honored on such a large and public stage.

If I was to produce an awards show, I would create a show celebrating underdogs and unsung heroes. Categories would be things like: Best Caregiver, Best Teacher, Best Grocery Clerk, Best Unexpected Good Deed, Best Pay it Forward. Every award would be presented by a movie star or famous recording artist.

What about you, if you were to create your own awards show, what would you celebrate?

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