This 2-Year-Old Can Name More Car Models Than the Average Adult, and He’ll Put You to Shame

At 2 years old, Nicholas Drake of Chapel Hill, North Carolina is just like most little boys his age. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Star Wars, making up fun songs, and riding his favorite scooter around in the driveway with his big sister. Oh yeah, and he’s also kind of a big deal on YouTube, thanks to his natural adorableness and extra-special talent: He can name nearly every make and model of car on the market. (And even a few that aren’t.) Yes, really.

In a YouTube video originally made back in May when he was just 22 months old, Nicholas can be seen sitting on his dad’s lap as he’s shown a slideshow of cars on a laptop. One by one, he excitedly shouts their make, and in some cases, even their model.

Maserati! Volkswagen Beetle! Mazda!

Yep — he nails every single one of them.

How impressive is that?!

Nicholas’ parents first spotted his affinity for cars back when he was just 6 months old. Of course, in those days he wasn’t exactly identifying them by name (on account of not talking yet, and being … well, a baby).

“The first time he saw a toy car he got so excited and just had to have it,” his mom Julie tells Babble. “He wasn’t crawling yet, but that didn’t stop him from wiggling his way over to get it.”

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Image Source: Julie Drake

It wasn’t long before his passion grew.

“As soon as he could talk, he started asking us more about cars,” Julie continues. “When he was around 18 months old, we visited Charleston, North Carolina. As we walked around the charming streets of downtown Charleston, he would touch each car we walked by, and ask us what it was. My husband started teaching him the makes and models and he just absorbed everything because he was so fascinated.”

That fascination soon turned into a fun little father-son bonding ritual every evening, where Nicholas would look at pictures of cars on Luke’s computer.

“Nicholas would remember the name of each one they looked at,” Julie says, and soon began requesting that “car lullabies” be sung to him every night. (Which apparently, are just made-up lullabies with car names added into them, Julie explains.)

Image Source: Julie Drake

But if you’re wondering just what made this adorable tot such a car buff straight outta the womb, good old genetics might be behind it all.

“His grandfather was a car guy and drove a Porsche,” Nicholas’ mom explains. “He has since passed away, but we think Nicholas inherited his love for cars from him.”

Still, the rest of the fam are quickly brushing up on their car knowledge, too, now that Nicholas has started watching shows like Top Gear and Jay Leno’s Garage. (Um, that is seriously adorable, guys.)

I don’t know about you, but I think this kid is going places. Somebody call Ellen!

Article Posted 11 months Ago

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