Ian Somerhalder Carried Around Nikki Reed’s Breast Pump All Night at the Golden Globes

Of all the moving stories that came out of the Golden Globes last night, the one that caught my attention was when Nikki Reed posted to her Instagram Story that her husband, the smoldering hot Ian Somerhalder, carried her breast pump around all night long. This gives a whole new meaning to “Hey, hon, hold my purse!”

The hilarious image shows Somerhalder holding what looks like a cardboard to-go box in his hands, a clutch under his arm, and goofy grin on his face. The caption read, “takes a real man to carry around your breast pump in a ‘to go box’ all night.” The glowing couple welcomed their daughter Bodhi last July.

As a pumping and nursing mom myself, this image spoke volumes to me, not only about how all-encompassing it is to lactate (heck, you don’t get a break even for something as glitzy as the Golden Globes), but also how vital it is to have a partner who has your back.

Reed and Somerhalder have made the news a few times for the ways in which they have sweetly and creatively supported each other on their journey into parenthood. Remember that time they vowed to take a month off from the world in order to focus 100 percent on their baby? Yeah, I still swoon over that one, too.

Motherhood is a tough gig when you’re breastfeeding and pumping. Not only are your hormones on a wild merry-go-round of fun, but it’s physically exhausting … not to mention you’re also filled with guilt and worry over everything from what you eat or drink to your views on breastfeeding in public or trying to pump at work.

That milk doesn’t come cheap, y’all.

I love that Reed and Somerhalder used their fame to draw attention to the awkwardness that pumping can bring sometimes. Who would have thought that a breast pump showing up at the Golden Globes (of all places!) could be a talking point for ways to support moms.

When public figures show the real side of what pregnancy and parenthood look like, we all win. Gone are the days of treating dads like befuddled dimwits who can’t handle babies and kids. Nowadays, we see dads stepping into roles of support, taking on fatherhood with grace and dignity. Gosh darn it, it’s about time.

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Article Posted 2 years Ago

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